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Music Degrees

The Division of Music is the performing arts hub at Lubbock Christian University. Students of all majors participate in our musical ensembles, and music majors receive a rigorous and well-rounded education that prepares them for careers in music performance, education, therapy, production, business, worship ministry, and research.

As a music major at LCU, you will be welcomed into a supportive and engaging learning environment, and mentored by talented faculty members. Our highly collaborative area balances musical tradition with innovation, all within a strong Christian foundation that drives us to achieve excellence in all that we do.  We offer degree plans in five major areas: Music Education, Music Business, Pre-Music Therapy, Worship Ministry, and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music. More details regarding each program of study can be found on their respective links below. 

All prospective music majors are required to audition prior to acceptance into the program, and this audition can be scheduled to accommodate your availability. Music scholarships are also awarded based on this audition, which you can register for by clicking on the “Schedule an Audition” link below. 

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about our music program at LCU, so feel free to reach out at any time! 

Prospective Music Majors — Schedule an Audition

Music Activities, Updated February 23, 2023

  • March 4-5: Best Friends tour (Weatherford, OK; Childress, TX)
  • March 6: Symphonic Band Concert, McDonald Moody Auditorium, 6:30 PM
  • March 9: Byron Rogers faculty recital, Gullo Rehearsal Hall, 7:30 PM
  • March 27: Chap Day Choir Rehearsal @12:45-1:00
  • March 28: Lubbock Civic Orchestra Concert, 7:30 PM McDonald-Moody Auditorium
  • March 30: LCU for LBK, Choir will sing at noon for Wilshire Place Living Center, 6410 Erskine Street
  • March 31-April 2: Best Friends tour, Friday TBA, Saturday & Sunday in Mansfield
  • April 5: 11:00 AM extended rehearsal to 12:30, early start time (reserved as “Wednesday gathering”), Chamber Singers 4:00-5:15
  • April 14-16: Best Friends tour to Albuquerque for “Spiritual Explosion” Youth Rally & Concert
  • April 17: Chap Day Choir Rehearsal @12:45-1:00
  • April 20: Scholars Colloquium Choir performance, Collier Auditorium, call at 5:30 in uniform, concert at 6:30
  • April 22: Senior Recital: Devyon Wilborn
  • April 27, Student Conductors choir and performances: Hayleigh, Sean, Tabitha, Nate, and Kathrtn, McDonald-Moody Auditorium, Call at 6:00 in uniform, concert begins at 6:30
  • April 29: Music Majors Recital, 1:30 PM, Johnson Recital Hall
  • April 30: Best Friends in Shallowater, 12th Street Church of Christ, 6:30 PM
  • Final Exams May 1-4
  • May 15-25, Best Friends tour
  • June 11-16, Encounter (Best Friends to lead worship), final concert June 16

Music Major Scholarships

LCU offers generous scholarships to music majors based on an audition for the music faculty prior to course registration. Most music major scholarships range from $1000-$2500 and up per year, and will stack with all other scholarships received.

Auditions for students planning to enroll as a Music major in the Fall of 2021 will need to schedule an audition with the Music Faculty as soon as possible. Auditions for incoming students starting fall of 2021 will be held on Chap Days—September 20, October 11, November 15, February 21, March 28, or April 11, but students may plan to audition on another day by appointment. To register for Chap Day, click the link below. To schedule a music scholarship audition at any time, contact Dr. Philip Camp for vocal music scholarships or Dr. Jackie Townsend for instrumental music major scholarships.

Dr. Philip Camp

Performance Scholarships for Students in Any Major

Students in choral and instrumental performing ensembles may also be eligible to receive scholarships, regardless of the major. These scholarships may stack with all other scholarships, including scholarships for music majors outlined above. Membership in each of the ensembles is determined by audition each year.

Dr. Philip Camp