Lubbock Christian University

Student Handbook—Prepared by the Student Life Office

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain, read, comprehend, and honor the purposes, policies, and procedures of the Student Handbook. The specific policies outlined are not presented as an exhaustive list of behavior concerns, and each one should be interpreted broadly in the context of the highest Christian standards of honesty, ethics, and morality. The university reserves the right at any time to create additional policies and protocols, or modify existing ones, as needs may dictate, and students are expected to abide by such from the time of implementation. Any such changes will be communicated with the students through LCU email and the LCU website.

In the entirety of this handbook, the term university shall mean Lubbock Christian University. The term campus shall mean LCU-owned buildings, land, parking lots, and walkways. The term student shall mean any university student enrolled for one or more credits in the current semester and living on or off campus. The term faculty/staff shall mean any administrator, faculty member, or contract staff member currently employed by the university.

For additional information regarding policies, reports, and student resources, go to LCU Student Right to Know.