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The university does not offer Title IV funded certificate programs.


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Students and prospective students are encouraged to discuss their concerns with appropriate university employees and make reasonable efforts to resolve their concerns informally. Students may also initiate formal complaints using the complaint form linked below. Complaints will be processed without unlawful discrimination, and complainants will not be subject to retaliation.

  • Student Complaint Procedures
  • Link to University Complaint Form
  • For general complaints not resolved by the University, you may contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at or, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, College Readiness and Success Division, P.O. Box 12788, Austin, TX 78711-2788.
  • For State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) related complaints about distance learning not resolved by the University, complete the Student Complaint and Release Form and email the form to
  • For accreditation related complaints not resolved by the University, you may contact SACSCOC.
  • For teacher educator preparation complaints not resolved by the University, you may contact TEA.
  • For School of Theology complaints not resolved by the University, you may contact the Association  of Theological School in writing, 10 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburg, PA 15275; 421-788-6505; ATS.
  • For School of Business compliants not resolved by the University, you may contact ACSBP.

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Lubbock Christian University is authorized to operate as an institution of higher education in Texas.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an agreement among member states that establish national standards for interstate offering of post-secondary distance education courses and programs. Lubbock Christian University is a member of SARA.

Disclosure of Requirements for Passing a Criminal Background Check

Several academic programs prepare students to seek certification or licensing. Students entering a program to prepare for licensing or certification should be aware that a licensing or certification authority may require a criminal background check, and may consider individuals with convictions or deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor offense to be ineligible. Students with a concern have the right to request that the licensing authority issue a criminal history evaluation letter regarding their eligibility. For more information, consult the specific licensing or certification authority. See the University Catalog for programs that prepare students for licensing or certification.

Disclosure of Service on Lender Advisory Boards

The Financial Assistance Office at Lubbock Christian University abides by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrator federal code of conduct and does not serve on lender advisory boards.

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First-time full-time retention and graduation rates are provided for each beginning freshman cohort. Institutions must track enrollment and graduation for each first-time full-time freshman for six years. Only students persisting and completing a baccalaureate degree at Lubbock Christian University are counted as completions. Students that do not complete degrees at Lubbock Christian University appear to be attrition statistics, but may have completed pre-professional prerequisites or transferred to another institution to continue their education.

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Articulation agreements are established with South Plains College, Levelland, Texas, Odessa College, Odessa, Texas, and Covenant School of Nursing, Lubbock, Texas.


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