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MMI Mock Day

Mock Interviews

The OHP offers several opportunities for professional development, one of which is mock interviews! Throughout the year we host several mock interview events in varying formats to prepare our students for graduate school and beyond. These formats range from traditional one-on-one interviews, panel, virtual, group interviews, etc. Students who have been invited to interview for a graduate program or a job interview can sign up for a personalized mock interview with faculty and staff. If you are a current student, or an alumni interested in a personalized interview contact Maddie Hettick to schedule one.

MMI Mock Day

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Today, more and more health professional schools implement several rounds of mini interviews lasting 6-8 minutes to replace the traditional assessment of applicants. Veterinary schools have been using MMI’s for several years and medical schools are quickly following. This trend has continued to grow, thus creating a need for a Mock Multiple Mini Interview Day for our students. Not all students will have to go through this process at their actual schools and many will continue to utilize the traditional interview process. In an attempt to raise the bar with our students, we offer them the opportunity to participate in Mock MMI’s to better prepare them. We have had at least three students in the 2017-2018 application cycle who were assessed in an MMI format after being invited to interview at professional schools. LCU is glad to report that each student participated in this event and garnered acceptances from multiple schools. This is only the beginning and we are excited to see how this event continues to grow.