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When you live on campus at LCU, you'll understand a whole new level of fellowship and community. ResLife is more than just a room in which you sleep. It's where lifelong relationships develop in those seemingly insignificant moments when you stay up for a late-night card game or decide to have an impromptu game of campus golf after class. ResLife will give you lifelong friendships. It will uncover your weaknesses and strengths and help you discover who you are. ResLife will help make you a stronger person—academically, socially and spiritually. Because college isn't all about academics, it's about growing and learning to live in community.

Residency Policy (Effective beginning Fall 2022)

Lubbock Christian University believes in the transformative impact of a residential campus community and maintains multiple on-campus housing venues to meet the variety of needs and preferences of its students.

Full-time, unmarried undergraduate students are generally required to live in LCU campus housing for their first three years of study at LCU.

Students have the option to live off-campus for the following reasons.

  • The student is 21 years of age prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
  • The student is married and/or has dependent children.
  • The student is part-time, enrolled in 11 semester hours or less at LCU.

In certain circumstances students may qualify to petition to live off campus if one of the following stipulations is met:

  1. The student lives with parent or legal guardian in their primary residence within a 45-mile radius of the LCU campus. Students whose parents own property or home in Lubbock are not exempt from the residency requirement.
  2. The student has a significant medical/ADA condition submitted through disability services that would preclude the student from living on campus.
  3. Transfer Student: The student transferred to LCU with living arrangements already in place prior to enrollment.

The required petition form may be obtained from the Residence Life office. Petitions from current students must be submitted for the semester during which the student wishes to live off-campus. For new students matriculating to LCU, the petition submission deadline for the Fall semester is June 1, and December 1 for the Spring semester. The petition will be reviewed by the housing committee. Students should not sign a lease or make commitments prior to the decision of the housing committee.

For students who have completed two long semesters at LCU prior Fall 2022, please see your applicable policy.

On-Campus Housing

View all of our options for staying on campus

Need to Eat?

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Housing Rates

Hall Room Type Room Board Room/Board
Katie Rogers Shared $2,000 +Option 1 or 2 $4,230
  Private $2,706 +Option 1 or 2 $4,936
Johnson Hall Shared $2,000 +Option 1 or 2 $4,230
  Private $2,706 +Option 1 or 2 $4,936
Mabee Hall Shared $2,457 +Option 1 or 2 $4,587
  Private $3,054 +Option 1 or 2 $5,284
Courtyard Private $2,827 +Option 1 or 2 $5,057
Rec Center Private $2,894 +Option 1 or 2 $5,124

Residence Halls

(per semester)

Hall Room Type Room Board
Katie Rogers Shared $2,000 +Option
  Private $2,706 +Option
Johnson Hall Shared $2,000 +Option
  Private $2,706 +Option
Courtyard Private $2,827 +Option  
Mabee Hall Shared $2,457 +Option  
  Private $3,054 +Option  
Rec Center Private $2,894 +Option  
Gullo Hall (opening Spring 2024) Private (suite) $3,550 +Option


(per lease period)



1-Bedroom (Shared) $2,457 $1,015
1-Bedroom (Private) $4,383 $1,787
1-Bedroom (Married) $4,759 $1,942
2-Bedroom (Shared) $1,936 $942
2-Bedroom (Private) $3,337 $1,324
4-Bedroom (Shared) $1,869 $865
4-Bedroom (Private) $2,972 $1,246

Note: a "shared" denotes two individuals sharing one bedroom, not two rooms in the same unit.

LEASE PERIODS: Spring (January 2nd-May 25th), Summer (June 1st-July 25th), Fall (August 1st-December 15th)

(Summer 2023)


Full Summer

Per Session
Mabee Hall $1,313 $490
Courtyard $1,313 $490

Res Life Guide

Have questions? Refer to this guide to find community guidelines, important dates, who to contact, and more. 

Res Life Living and Learning with Lubbock Christian University

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