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Are you interested in learning about multiple subjects in various different fields and industries? Are you an incoming LCU student? Major in Humanities! Students with a major in Humanities explore diverse perspectives across the disciplines, developing skills as a creative and critical thinkers, readers, and writers. The well-rounded liberal arts curriculum allows student to develop a specialization in their area of interest. An education in Humanities helps develop creative and logical thinking, communication skills, and cultural intelligence, as well as the writing and reading skills so desired by many employers.

Areas of Interest in Humanities:

  • English
  • History
  • Pre-Med
  • English/History and Pedagogy
  • Composite Social Studies and Pedagogy
  • Technical Communications

What Do Humanities Majors Bring to the Market?

The related disciplines of reading, research, and writing prepare students for graduate work or a career in the field of their choice. The well-rounded course of study in our program helps make students with Humanities degrees attractive candidates for job positions or graduate school.

Students in Humanities will graduate with the ability to reflect upon life’s most important issues and questions as well as a clear understanding of social structures and political dynamics. 

Careers for Humanities Graduates:

The range of options available to our graduates is quite broad because our plan of studies develops their critical thinking and strengthens their communication skills, preparing them for an array of career opportunities:

  • Social Media or Public Relations Manager
  • Technology Training and Development
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Public Administration
  • Journalist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Writer/Author
  • Lawyer/Paralegal
  • Business Owner
  • Retail or Bank Management
  • Teaching (Elementary, Secondary, or Collegiate levels)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Preparation for Law, Medical, Chiropractic, or Pharmacy School
  • Preparation for graduate school in English, History, Library Science, or Political Science

While LCU does not have a specific Pre-Law degree, we do offer a Pre-Law Specialization for Humanities majors that focuses on preparing you for law school and life as a legal professional.

Many Humanities majors spend a semester within their junior or senior year in Washington DC as part of the internship program. We have found that non-profits are very interested in interns who have strong communication skills, which makes the Humanities major extremely beneficial. In addition, some students have gone on to graduate school or careers in the Washington DC area due to their participation in the internship program.

Humanities students may choose to spend a semester in Avila, Spain, as part of the LCU Study Abroad program. Not only do Humanities professors frequently teach classes as part of LCU Study Abroad, but other classes offered will easily fit in to the Humanities degree plan.

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