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Department of Humanities


The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree offers students a broad, interdisciplinary, liberal arts education that helps create a well-rounded, well-educated graduate. Students in the Humanities are able to pursue a Washington Internship or Study Abroad. The degree also gives them the opportunity to specialize in an 18-hour primary area of interest:

  • Pre-Law
  • Psychology
  • Bible
  • Finance
  • Design
  • English
  • History
  • Communication
  • Others with advice from faculty

Humanities majors will also choose a secondary focus to help prepare them for the job market, choosing from business, digital media arts, information systems technology, communications, math, chemistry, graphic design, among others.

Many of our students pursue prerequisites for graduate or professional programs, such as speech pathology, medical school, veterinarian school, or counseling. And our majors have  gone on to work in fields like public relations, marketing, computer technology, banking, and teaching.

Mission Statement

To Encourage Thoughtful Reflection

Whether studying social structures and political dynamics, exploring the history of peoples and cultures, interpreting literature from the classical age to the present day, or writing well-researched and creative essays, our students are encouraged to reflect thoughtfully upon life's most important issues.

To Foster Learning and Growth

The search for knowledge and pursuit of wisdom are both intellectual and spiritual, for the learning process is a growing process. Moreover, as we study the social, political, and literary developments throughout human history, we often consider the nature and the traditions of religious expression, opening ourselves to questions that challenge our minds and engage our hearts.

students working on captions at the annual writing carnival

Chap Book 2020

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