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Department of Humanities

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What is Humanities?

  • The term “Humanities” arose about 600 years ago in Italy when a group of Renaissance philosophers went back to ancient texts written in Latin and Greek because they believed these texts were more centered around humans.
  • The “humanists” dedicated themselves to studying what it means to be human. 
  • Although in contemporary society the term “humanism” has been shifted to have a more secular meaning, the original humanists approached this study from a Christian perspective, believing that humans are the greatest creation of God, but focusing on man as an imperfect, creative being who is a product of history.
  • Today, what we call “the humanities” concentrates on a very broad range of interests, looking at many different cultures, periods in history, and areas of study, including history, philosophy, languages, linguistics, literature, archaeology, law, history and criticism of the arts, ethics, and comparative literature. 
  • In our Humanities Department, we teach the humanities from a Christian perspective, focusing on people as God’s creation and our history, society, culture, and literature and works deserving of study.

At LCU, the Department of Humanities offers classes in English, Geography, Government, History, and Humanities with several bachelor’s degrees and minors to offer students the most well-rounded and thorough undergraduate education.

The Department of Humanities includes majors in English, History, and Humanities, as well as Minors in Creative Writing, English, History, Humanities, Film Studies, and Law and Government. The disciplines of reading, research, and writing prepare students for graduate work and for many different career areas that focus on both oral and written communication and critical thinking skills.

Mission Statement

To Encourage Thoughtful Reflection

Whether studying social structures and political dynamics, exploring the history of peoples and cultures, interpreting literature from the classical age to the present day, or writing well-researched and creative essays, our students are encouraged to reflect thoughtfully upon life's most important issues.

To Foster Learning and Growth

The search for knowledge and pursuit of wisdom are both intellectual and spiritual, for the learning process is a growing process. Moreover, as we study the social, political, and literary developments throughout human history, we often consider the nature and the traditions of religious expression, opening ourselves to questions that challenge our minds and engage our hearts.

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Chap Book 2020

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Our Graduates — Where Are They Now?

Joel Martin

Joel Martin

Almost a decade ago, Joel Martin (class of 2013, History and English Education major from Salida, CO) had the distinction of being the first of two students featured in our departmental advertising brochures sent to prospective students. In addition to exceptional academic work, Joel worked in the ChapDesk and the University Writing Center and was involved in many organizations on campus. He also met his lovely bride, Lauren Hise Martin, during one of his very first weeks at LCU.

When asked about his experiences in our department, Joel responded: "While I was at LCU, the Humanities department proved time and time again that not only were they interested in teaching me, but also in seeing me grow as a person. Each member gave me a different perspective on life, and taught me that critically thinking about any situation is important to making the world a better place. I cherish each moment I had getting to know them, and I will never forget the impact they had on my life." Currently, Joel is employed at Texas Tech, managing an education-style platform very similar to YouTube. His role is pivotal in Tech faculty being successful teaching online and in asynchronous learning. He continues to enjoy being connected to and forming relationships with faculty, just as he did during his tenure at LCU. We are thankful for Joel, his work here and his continued good work in Lubbock, and for being an ambassador for the value of a Humanities degree.

Cassidy Davis

Cassidy Davis

One or our recent alumni is Cassidy Davis, English major and Fall 2018 graduate, who is continuing to shine. While at LCU, Cassidy was part of the Honors College, worked in the University Writing Center, studied abroad in Oxford, made significant contributions to undergraduate research, and was an invaluable part of the Humanities program and campus life.

In reflecting on her season at LCU, Cassidy said that, "The Humanities department genuinely invested in me in ways that constantly surprised and changed me; I always felt supported and seen. Because Humanities professors lovingly encouraged me to pursue so many dynamic opportunities that LCU offers students, I gained incredible experiences that go far beyond being simple lines on my resume."

Since leaving LCU, Cassidy has been exploring the publishing field as a copywriter and editor. She is currently getting her Master’s degree in publishing and writing at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts while juggling working for Boston-based publishing firms and literary magazines.

Cassidy notes, "It’s surreal to think my childhood aspiration of working with books and writers is quickly becoming my everyday life, and it all started with LCU’s Humanities department."

Congratulations to Cassidy for being an exceptional person and student at LCU and for dreaming big dreams--we can't wait to see what she does next.

Emmanuel (Manny) Ramirez

Emmanuel (Manny) Ramirez

Emmanuel (Manny) Ramirez graduated with a Humanities degree/Business emphasis in 2007, and then returned to LCU to finish an additional Accounting degree in 2010.

While at LCU, Manny led Spring Break mission campaigns to Mexico and Nicaragua, was involved in the men's social club, Alpha Chi Delta, and was enthusiastically involved in campus life, which included meeting and marrying his college sweetheart, Christina (Banda) Ramirez, class of 2008. Today they are a family of four, raising their two children, Emma Rose (7) and Christian (3).

People often ask, "What can you do with a Humanities degree?" Ramirez began his career by working at the Children's Home of Lubbock, then moved into a position at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Southwest, where is he is currently serving as the interim President and CEO, a job that he loves and that gives him a chance to make a direct impact on hurting people every day. He credits the training he received at LCU and in the Humanities department for "educating [him] academically and empowering [him] to think critically--both in writing and in life." He adds, "They treated me like family and guided my journey, and even 13 years later, I have a relationship with many of my professors; I am so grateful for my time at LCU and in the Humanities department."

We are thankful for Manny, for the impact he has had on the Lubbock community, and for his faithful witness as an ambassador for the Humanities and Christian education.

By the way, Manny's impact continues to grow. Ramirez was named as one of the Top 20 Under 40 recipients by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, is a graduate of Leadership Lubbock, is the VP of Operations for the West Texas Running Club and Tough as Nails, is a Level 2 CrossFit instructor at Flatland Crossfit, and is the PTA President for North Ridge Elementary.

What can you do with a Humanities degree? Just about everything!