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Minor Programs

Minor Programs in the Department of Humanities

LCU Department of Humanities offers several minor programs to add a robust specialization to any degree program:

  • Minor in Creative Writing
  • Minor in Law and Government
  • Minor in English
  • Minor in History
  • Minor in Humanities
  • Minor in Film Studies (NEW)
LCU minor in film studies, student videographer records a female student in the background

Minor in Film Studies

In this interdisciplinary minor, you will study one of the most influential art forms of the twentieth century and today—film. This minor will give you a greater understanding of film as a medium, prepare you to think and write critically about film as an interpretable text, and give you a taste of practical production skills.

A minor in film studies will support your development in a variety of careers by sharpening skills that are key to your success in today’s workplace—critical thinking, problem solving, oral and visual communication, writing, research, and understanding cultural and global perspectives. Many organizations hire people with an understanding of film to help with their websites and training videos. If you are looking to begin a career in production, the job outlook for Film/Video Editors and Camera Operators is very good. An entry-level Bachelor’s degree in a related field along with some technical experience is all that is required and the job forecast for 2018-2028 is estimated at 11% growth, “much faster than average.” Bureau of Labor Statistics

Film Studies Minor Requirements

Film Studies is an 18-hour minor with courses offered from multiple disciplines, including English, Communications, and Digital Media Arts.

  • ENG 3326 Introduction to Film Studies (3 hours)
  • ENG 4326 Literature and Film (3 hours)
  • HUM 4330/COM 4330 Internship—working in a media/production company (3 hours)

Choose 9 hours from courses with a film and/or media emphasis. The following courses are recommended:

  • ENG 4313 Studies in Drama
  • COM 3331 Television Production
  • COM 3350 Worship Media Production
  • DMA 2344 Multimedia Design (prerequisite for DMA 3310)
  • DMA 3310 Digital Video
  • ENG 4352 Special Topics in Film - courses will be offered on demand, such as “Special Topics in Film [History, Genre, Writing]” or “Writing for Hollywood”

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