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The degree completion program offering a Bachelor of Arts in University Studies will begin classes in August of 2024.  Please fill out the information on the form to receive full details that will be released in January 2024.

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Some College, No Degree? LCU can help!

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No Matter What Major You Started, This Program is Designed for You!

The Bachelor of Arts in University Studies is a 120 credit-hour program designed for adult learners who have completed some college credit but have not earned a degree.

  • Finishing your degree can increase your marketability or help you move up in your organization.
  • This online-only degree is designed for adult professionals who work full-time while juggling family obligations.
  • This program is designed for students from any educational background.
  • Your degree can be completed year-round (Fall, Spring, and Summer) or simply Fall and Spring.

This program is 100% online to fit any schedule!

Designed for Adult Learners, the price is more affordable than ever!

University Core (39 hours)

  • 6 hours of BIB (from BIB 1310, BIB 1320, BIB 1310, or BIB 1320, or equivalent)
  • COM 2340 Communication for the Professional
  • ENG 1301 Composition Studies
  • ENG 1302 Composition and Literature
  • PSY 1300 General Psychology or SOC 1300 General Sociology
  • ESS 1200 Personal Fitness and Wellness
  • MAT 1311 College Algebra
  • UNI 2170 College Success
  • 3 hours from ECO, FIN, GOV, or HIS
  • 3 hours from HIS
  • 3 hours from BIO, CHE, NRC or PHY
  • 6 hours from AFA, Fine Arts History, ENG, GOV, HIS, PHI, REL, FOL, or BIL

Major (36 hours)

  • 24-hour Liberal Arts concentration:
    • 9 hours UD ENG.  Suggested courses: ENG 3300 Children’s Lit (Summer only), ENG 3304 Advanced Composition (SE), ENG 3308 Technical Writing (F, S, Summer), ENG 3313 American Lit to 1890 (FE), ENG 4324 Shakespeare (SE), ENG 3327 Film and World Literature (summer only)
    • 9 hours UD HIS, GOV, GEG, or POS. Suggested courses: HIS 3310 History of Asia (SO), HIS 3330 History of Latin America (SE), HIS 4313 Gilded Age (FE), HIS 4314 Recent America (FO), GOV 3324 Health Care Policy (Summer only)
    • 6 additional hours from any combination of liberal arts, fine arts, Bible, languages, family studies, psychology, sociology, or comm studies not already taken in core or major. Suggested courses: COM 3310 Org Comm, GOV 2301 National Govt, HIS 2301 or HIS 2302 (if not taken in core), HIS 2350 TX History (summer only), PSY 1300 Gen Psych (if not taken in core), HSC 2310 Lifespan Human Dev, PSY 2340 Psych of Diversity, PSY 3300 Child & Adolescent Dev, HSC 3326 Family Stress, Crisis, and Resilience, HSC 3328 Parenting, SOC 1300 Gen Soc (if not taken in core)
  • 9 hours from:
    • BUA 1302 Fundamentals of Business
    • BUA 3320 Business Ethics
    • FIN 2301 Personal Financial Planning
    • FIN 3301 Fundamentals of Real Estate
    • IST 1301 Foundations of Info Systems and Tech
    • MGT 3300 Principles of Management
    • MGT 3310 Organizational Behavior
    • MGT 4306 Human Resources
    • MGT 4320 Leadership
    • PHI 3305 Ethics
  • HUM 4360 University Studies Capstone

Electives (45 hours)

Total: 120 Hours

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Amy Smith

Administrative Assistant, Department of Humanities

Turn Your College Credit Into a Degree!

This program will be completed in an online, asynchronous format that utilizes both 8-week and 16-week courses. Candidates seeking admission to the program are expected to be above 25 years of age and have completed at least 45 hours of prior college study. Candidates who meet the age requirement, but do not meet the hours completed, should contact the Lubbock Christian University Transfer Admissions to determine a pathway for completing the remaining hours needed for entrance into the program.