Lubbock Christian University

Institutional Review Board


The Lubbock Christian University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established to review, approve, and monitor research projects conducted by LCU faculty, employees, and students. Following federal guidelines, the LCU IRB strives to protect the rights and welfare of all research subjects and therefore carefully reviews research projects to ensure that:

  • Risks to subjects are minimized and are reasonable to anticipated benefits 
  • Informed consent is obtained from each subject or legal representative
  • Data collection is monitored where applicable
  • Privacy and confidentiality of research subjects is protected 

Human Subjects Research that will be published or presented in any scholarly venue should seek IRB approval.  Some examples include research to be published in a journal, presented at an academic conference, NCUR, or the Scholar's Colloquium. Research that will be presented only in the classroom as part of regular classroom activities need not be submitted for review.

What Authority does an IRB have?

An IRB has the authority to:

  • Approve research
  • Require research modification
  • Disapprove research
  • Conduct continuing reviews
  • Observe/verify changes
  • Suspend or terminate approval

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for Expedited, Limited and Full Review of Research Proposals

All research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved prior to initiating the research.

  1. Complete the written Research Application and all related forms including questionnaires, consent form, testing instruments, interview protocols, cover letters, instructions to participants, written permission to use copyrighted material, recruitment documents, etc.
  2. Provide NIH (or CITI) certificate verifying certification in human subjects research. Must be valid in the last five years.
  3. Submit an Electronic Copy of the Application and all other related forms to

Application for Exemption from IRB Review

Some research is exempt from IRB Review. See some exemption categories

If you believe your human subjects research falls under an exempted category, please fill out the Application for Exemption.

LCU IRB Contact Information

Contact Dr. Jennifer Dabbs at or 806.720.7835, Behavioral Sciences Building, Suite 111, Lubbock Christian University.

Animal Care and Use Committee for research involving laboratory animals contact Dr. Andy Laughlin at