Lubbock Christian University

Outside Researchers

All persons not affiliated with Lubbock Christian University who would like to do research using LCU students, faculty, and/or staff as part of their target population should notify the Chair of the IRB committee.

Dr. Jennifer Dabbs is the current chair.

Please provide the following information with your request:

  1. A statement of the research title 
  2. A statement of the reason for including LCU students, faculty, and/or staff in your target population.  
  3. A copy of your approval letter from an IRB committee that has a current FWA with the OHRP.
  4. A copy of the proposal submitted to the overseeing IRB.
  5. A copy of any surveys, interview questions, recruitment statements, and letters of confidentiality.  
  6. A copy of the primary investigator’s certificate of completion of Human Subjects Training

CCCU Members:  Researchers using members of the Counsel of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) as their target population, should work through the CCCU before contacting Lubbock Christian University.

The IRB chair will review all requests and final approval will be made by the IRB signature.   The review will include an assessment of the number of studies currently being conducted at the University and the fit of your proposed research with our institutional structure and mission. We will form an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IAA) with the overseeing IRB for studies approved through a full or expedited review process.  Exempt research does not require an IAA, but we still need to review your paperwork.  Lubbock Christian University would like to receive a copy of your final report when you have completed your research.