A Semester in Avila, Spain

LCU launched its inaugural Semester in Spain program in the Fall of 2016! This new semester-long program, held every Fall, brings LCU students and professors to the beautiful city of Avila, in the heart of the Spanish countryside. Students take 15 hours of University Core-type credits with LCU professors, while also studying the Spanish language to ease transition to their new culture.  

There are numerous opportunities for personal travel on weekends and holidays, and a week-long faculty-led excursion during the semester.

Courses offered for the Fall 2018 Semester in Spain program will be: 

  • BIB3305 Christian Heritage - Mark Wiebe
  • BIB3310 Christian Life - Mark Wiebe
  • PSY1300 General Psychology - Shauna Frisbie
  • PSY4352 Social, Group, and Personal Identity Across Cultures - Shauna Frisbie
  • ENG4352 Masterpieces of Drama: Shipwrecks, Sword Fights, and Sueños - Jocelyn Wiebe
  • AFA3352 ST: Art History in Spain - Michelle Kraft
  • Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Spanish - Juan Antonio Sanchez Hernandez (UCAV) 

Immerse yourself in the culture, history, and art of Spain with faculty experienced in student travel-study programs.  

Cost of Semester in Spain:

  • LCU Tuition and Fees (based on the block rate of 12-18 hours)
  • LCU Room and Board (equal to Katie Rogers or Johnson Hall)
  • $250 Non-Refundable Application fee (applications and fee due Feb. 26)
  • $500 Deposit upon Acceptance into the program (April 1)
  • $2,500 Study Abroad fee (applied to your student bill)

For More Information: Contact Heather Howell at 806.720.7899 or heather.howell@LCU.edu.