A Semester in Avila, Spain

LCU launched its inaugural Semester in Spain program in the Fall of 2016! This new semester-long program, held every Fall, will bring LCU students and professors to the beautiful city of Avila, in the heart of the Spanish countryside.  Students will take 15 hours of University Core-type credits with LCU professors, while also studying the Spanish language to ease transition to their new culture.  

There will be numerous opportunities for personal travel on weekends and holidays, and a week-long faculty-led excursion during the semester.

Courses offered for the Fall 2018 Semester in Spain program will be: 

  • BIB3305 Christian Heritage - Mark Wiebe
  • BIB3310 Christian Life - Mark Wiebe
  • PSY1300 General Psychology - Shauna Frisbie
  • PSY4352 Social, Group, and Personal Identity Across Cultures - Shauna Frisbie
  • ENG4352 Masterpieces of Drama: Shipwrecks, Sword Fights, and Sueños - Jocelyn Wiebe
  • AFA3352 ST: Art History in Spain - Michelle Kraft
  • Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Spanish - Juan Antonio Sanchez Hernandez (UCAV) 

Immerse yourself in the culture, history, and art of Spain with faculty experienced in student travel-study programs.  

Cost of Semester in Spain:

  • LCU Tuition and Fees (based on the block rate of 12-18 hours)
  • LCU Room and Board (equal to Katie Rogers or Johnson Hall)
  • $25 Non-Refundable Application fee
  • $500 Deposit upon Acceptance into the program
  • $3,000 Study Abroad fee

For More Information: Contact Heather Howell at 806.720.7899 or heather.howell@LCU.edu.