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Programs of Study: Pre-Engineering

Design, Build, and Grow

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Emphasis in Pre-engineering

Want to be an engineer? Lubbock Christian University offers you the opportunity to pursue engineering by studying at LCU for 2 ½ years and then studying at an engineering school for an additional 2 years. At the end of this time you will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from LCU and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the engineering school. Currently, you can transfer easily to the engineering schools at Texas Tech University and West Texas A&M, both ABET-accredited programs.

What advantages does this hold for you?
  • We are very interested in your success. We are a small school with small class sizes, we care about all of our students, and we know everyone’s name! Teaching is your professors’ first priority, not research.
  • You can enjoy the Christian atmosphere at a small school, make friends, get involved in extracurricular activities and become a campus leader.
  • While you’re completing your degree at Texas Tech, you can live on our campus, eat in our dining facility, use our Medical Clinic, Rec Center, Library, and IT services, stay active in a social club, and even attend our athletic events.
  • Your education will have a broader liberal arts base. That means you will be more well-rounded with a better knowledge of the world you will be working in. We focus on critical thinking and writing skills that are in high demand by engineering employers.
  • If you are still deciding on your future career and want to have engineering as a possibility you can start here at LCU with the knowledge that you can stay and major in another math or science, the arts, humanities, business, the possibilities are endless. This gives you much greater career choice and flexibility at a time in your life when you might not be completely sure what you want to be when you grow up. 

We have these unique arrangements with Texas Tech University and West Texas A & M University that will allow for your smooth transition into engineering school after completing the required courses at LCU with the appropriate GPA. These arrangements provide you certain advantages, but it is possible for you to transfer to other engineering schools, both in Texas and out of state with the classes that you take at LCU.

What if I want to stay at LCU longer?
  1. You may continue to stay at LCU while you attend TTU engineering. You may continue to live in the dorms, eat in the cafe, use the rec center, medical services, participate in club, etc…while completing your 2 years of engineering at TTU. Talk to your advisor for details.
  2. Many of our engineering majors want to remain an LCU student, so they change major to Math or Chemistry and then go on to get a masters in engineering after receiving their bachelors from LCU. This is possible at TTU or WTAMU.

You can design it, you can build it, you can explain it to the world! Grow your future at LCU!

Purpose Statement

Students seeking a baccalaureate degree in Engineering should be able to:

  • Exhibit an understanding of Engineering
  • Research and comprehend literature within the discipline
  • Express themselves well both in written and verbal format

Scholarships for Engineers

We have agreements with TTU Engineering and WTAMU Engineering to ensure your smooth transition into engineering school after you finish the LCU program. Talk with your advisor about the specific field of engineering you would like to enter and visit these programs websites to get more information.

Learn about what WTAMU Engineering offers and to get help in transferring to WTAMU.

Learn about the different fields of engineering from TTU.

TTU Community College & Transfer Relations to get help in transferring to TTU.

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