Lubbock Christian University

Pre-Nursing Program

LCU Pre-Nursing Pathways

Year 1

(** These classes are CSON pre-requisites)
Will be admitted under the Degree plan Exercise and Sports Science-Pre Nursing Emphasis

Fall Spring
BIB 1310 Intro to the Old Testament BIB 1320 Intro to the New Testament
ENG 1301 ** Composition Studies ENG 1302 ** Composition and Literature
BIO 2401 ** Human Anat & Phys I BIO 2402 ** Human Anat & Phys II
BIO 2001 ** A&P I Lab BIO 2002 ** A&P II Lab
PSY 2310 ** Lifespan Growth and Development HIS 2301 History
UNI 1170 University Seminar    
14 Hours   13 Hours  


Things to do in year 1:

  • Get to know professors, they will write your recommendation letters for nursing school.
  • Join the Pre-Health Professions Club
  • Start shadowing, contact Covenant School of Nursing (CSON)
  • Volunteer
  • CNA application and CNA certification possibly


Year 2

(** These classes are CSON pre-requisites)

Fall Spring
Fall Spring
CHE 1306/07 ** Intro Chem / Gen Chem BIO 3310 ** General Microbiology
CHE 1106/07 ** Chemistry Lab BIO 3111 ** Microbiology Lab
GOV 2301 National Government BIO 3301 Intro. Genetics
PSY 1300 General Psychology PSY 3310 Psychological Statistics
BIO 3322 ** Nutrition 3 hr elective Consider MATH
13 Hours   13 Hours  


Things to do in year 2:

  • Continue everything from year 1
  • Prep your resume
  • Confirm 3 references
  • Prepare for the HESI exam
  • Apply for nursing school (check CSON website for exact dates)
    • CSON Fall Application open January - March
    • CSON Spring Application open July - September


Year 3 (19 months)

Nursing School at Covenant, get your RN


Final (2-3 semesters)

Get your BSN at LCU while working


Suggestions for successful application to nursing school

  1. What is important to Covenant?
    • Grade on HESI test - Health Education Systems Incorporated
    • Pre-requisite science GPA (A&P, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition)
      • Overall pre-requisite GPA: nothing below a C accepted, 2.5 GPA is minimum advertised but only much higher GPAs are admitted.
  2. Attend a Resume preparation session and consult the writing center for help.
  3. Notify those giving references early and give them plenty of time to submit the letter.
  4. APPLY EARLY! Before meeting with CSON, visit their website.
  5. Shadowing is helpful, but the working experience is better.


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