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LCU Pre-Nursing Pathways

There are two different degree plans for the pre-nursing student. Both plans utilize the partnership with Covenant School of Nursing (located on LCU campus):

  • Integrated BSN: This degree plan is for most incoming freshmen, and some transfer students, depending on the amount of transfer credit. The degree plan consists of three phases; In phase 1, students begin taking pre-requisites for admission into CSON, along with the Core courses needed for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Near the end of this phase, students apply for admission into CSON. Phase 2 consists of 4 semesters of the CSON program.  Upon completion of this phase, students can take the state licensure exam, receive RN licensure, and work fulltime as a RN.  Phase 3 is 100% online and involves the completion of the remaining Core courses and RN courses needed to complete a BSN. Students can work fulltime while enrolled in phase 3.
  • ESS Pre-Nursing Emphasis: This degree is primarily for student athletes and transfer students with a larger number of transfer credit. This degree plan allows student athletes to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science while playing for LCU and before applying to CSON. Non-student athletes in this degree plan can apply to CSON at any time when the eight pre-requisites are almost complete (visit the CSON website for more information):

Suggestions for successful application to nursing school

  1. What is important to Covenant?
    • Grade on HESI test - Health Education Systems Incorporated
    • Pre-requisite science GPA (A&P, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition)
      • Overall pre-requisite GPA: nothing below a C accepted, 2.5 GPA is minimum advertised but only much higher GPAs are admitted.
  2. Notify those giving references early and give them plenty of time to submit the letter.
  3. APPLY EARLY! Before meeting with CSON, visit their website.
  4. Shadowing is helpful, but the working experience is better.

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Visit the University Catalog here to view the Nursing degree plan.