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Students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the regulations set forth in this handbook. LCU Public Safety is responsible for establishing and enforcing guidelines for the use of any parking area on university property that could be used for parking even if not specifically designated for parking. Such areas include, but are not limited to, athletic fields, driveways, loading areas, and lawns.

Students using private vehicles on campus consent to search of the vehicle while on campus and agree to obey city, county, state, and federal traffic laws and regulations. The university does not provide insurance for personal vehicles or their contents.

LCU assumes no responsibility for stolen property or damage to any vehicle or its contents while the vehicle is being operated or parked on campus.

Students must register their vehicles with the LCU Public Safety office each academic year. Drivers must display the current parking decal on the outside of the back window in the lower left corner. Only one current decal should be visible on a vehicle at one time. For convertibles, the decal needs to be placed in the front window in the lower right corner. Motorcycles and bicycles are not required to have a parking permit; however, they need to be registered with the LCU Public Safety office. Commuters may contact the office to obtain parking permits for additional vehicles. Students may also pick up parking permits from the Student Life Office if the LCU Public Safety office is closed.


  • No valid parking permit;
  • Parking where prohibited by sign;
  • Unauthorized parking in a reserved lot;
  • Parking in an unauthorized area (red curb, blue curb or striped zone);
  • Improperly parked in a slot;
  • Obstructing traffic, sidewalk, crosswalk, street, driveway, or entrance;
  • Multiple current parking permits displayed;
  • Parking in an area not designated as a parking spot;
  • Attempting to avoid new ticket by using old ticket
  • Attempting to utilize counterfeit or altered permit


  • Unauthorized parking in a handicapped slot or reserved area

Vehicles parked on LCU property without a permit will be issued a ticket. Tickets will be placed on the student account and must be paid in the Student Business Office.

The person in whose name the permit is issued will be held responsible for that vehicle. A parking ticket is not excused on the plea that another person was driving the vehicle at the time the vehicle was cited.

The university reserves the right to remove and impound vehicles left abandoned, any vehicle without license plates, or any vehicle parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. The owner of any vehicle that is stalled or disabled on any part of the university campus must notify the LCU Public Safety office immediately.

The owners will be responsible for any fees involving the removing, impounding, and storing of their vehicles.

Any student receiving 3 or more parking citations in one academic term will be referred to the Dean of Student as a violation of the Code of Community Responsibility. Sanctions will be imposed as outline in the student handbook, including the loss of parking privileges.

Reserved Parking Lot System

Parking permits are required for all students parking on campus. Each permit has a color designation for parking permissions on campus. Students receive a copy of these permissions as well as an outlined map when they receive their permit. Permissions and maps may also be found on the public safety page of

The color-coded system is as follows:

  • Red – Commuter – Students living off-campus
  • Orange – Mabee Hall – Students living in Mabee Hall
  • Purple – Apartments – Students living in Apartment or Courtyard Housing
  • Brown – KR/JH – Students living in Katie Rogers or Johnson Hall
  • Green – RR – Students living in Rec Center Housing or serving as Resident Assistants
  • Baby Blue – CS – Covenant School of Nursing Students

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am- 5:00 pm, reserved parking lot system will be enforced. After hours, individuals are allowed to park in in any open lots. Open lots are defined on the map with the color tan. These parking lots are also defined with signs designating the decals allowed in those parking lots

  • Blue Curb: Handicap Parking only
  • Red Curb: Fire Zone – No parking at any time
  • Sidewalks: No parking at any time

Parking Ticket Appeal

Tickets are to be paid in the Student Business Office. If you wish to contest a ticket, you must submit an email ( to the Director of Public Safety within 5 business days of receiving the ticket. The written appeal must specify grounds that would justify consideration. General dissatisfaction with the policy or an appeal for mercy is not an appropriate basis for an appeal., Contact LCU Public Safety at 806.928.6803 to ask questions or obtain additional information regarding traffic and parking policies.

Prohibited Driving Areas

  • Campus service roads and sidewalks are to be utilized only by emergency and maintenance vehicles.
  • Motorcycles and motorized scooters, like Lime and Bird, are not to be operated on sidewalks for any reason.

Obtain a Parking Permit

Parking Map