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Giving Tuesday graphic of LCU students praying together

A Prayer for #GivingTuesday from Alumna Andrea Fultz

Dear Heavenly Father,

We honor and praise Your holy name forever! In Your infinite mercy and love, O God, You have given Your children the gift of Christian unity by the bond of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for blessing our Lubbock Christian University family with this beautiful bond. Thank You for the history of dedicated and humble servants, who have led our LCU to experience its current success by meticulously applying the discipline needed to make every decision under the guidance of Your wise counsel. As we look to the past, we are filled with gratitude because we know that You have delivered us to this place; as we enjoy the present, we recognize Your breath in our lungs when we breathe in Your grace that is sufficient for us today; as we look to the future, we know that we will always need You. We need You to be our strength, our hope, our direction, our courage, and our song in all the days to come. We need You to continue to be our cornerstone forevermore.

Therefore, with our hearts attuned to Your mission, we ask these things:

  • Graphic with quote from Fultz's prayerFather, invade the hearts of our administration so that out of the abundance of the joy and peace that they experience in relationship with You, they will overflow with steadfast leadership and diligent stewardship.
  • Bless our faculty and staff as they selflessly pour out their talents for the advancement of young Christians in academia. Give them keen eyes to detect the conditions of their students’ hearts, and allow them the wisdom and tools needed to nurture the souls that they come into contact with in the classroom and in the practice of extracurricular activities. May their spirits be renewed every morning so that they may not lose heart in completing the good and life-changing work that You have called them to do!
  • Please, Father, cover all LCU alumni with the conviction to spread Your Word. May they be confident in the mission field, knowing that they were well-prepared for battle while studying at our LCU and that their encouragers and examples in the faith are cheering for them and calling to You often on their behalf.
  • And finally, Father, we give unto You the hearts of our students. Mold them; carve away the parts of them that are unlike Your Son; shape them; perfect them; make them whole by Your power! Bind them together with one another in lasting relationships in order that they may continually spur each other on to claim Your victory. Let not one – no, not one – of them leave our LCU unchanged by Your unfailing love.

Turn our hearts by Your hand, and help us radiate Your light for all to see! May our LCU be Your LCU!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.