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Aaron Watson Encourages LCU Students

Texas country music singer, Aaron Watson, visited the LCU campus on Thursday, Feb. 20, as the guest speaker of the university’s 11 a.m. chapel meeting.

Watson, whose new record “The Underdog” has taken the slot as the number one top country album on iTunes, told students that his job is about more than the music.

“My job has turned into something where I have this incredible platform to get up on stage in front of people. I have the opportunity where I can share my story with them … and, through sharing my life with them, I naturally get to share my love for Jesus Christ,” Watson said.

He told students that he didn’t grasp this opportunity early on, but, as he has grown and matured, Watson said he realized that he is where God wants him to be. Watson also said that he turned this new record over to God to be used as an instrument to glorify his kingdom.

While Watson’s record has seen great success in a short amount of time, he credits all of the success to God, both in interviews and beyond.

Watson also shared with the students that while he was thinking about his record, he began thinking about what the students would face as they graduate from college and what it means to be an underdog in the world and in God’s kingdom.

“From the world’s point of view, the underdog is someone who has little to no chance of winning. From God’s point of view, the underdog is someone that he sees fit to glorify his kingdom and carry out his commandments,” Watson said.

He said that the Bible is full of underdogs who were used for a greater purpose, using David, Moses, and Jesus as examples. Watson used the story of these men and his personal struggles as a way to encourage students, saying that we are all underdogs in one way or another.

“You guys have something that the rest of the world doesn’t, you’ve got God on your side. I want you guys to use that because we don’t talk about that enough,” Watson said.

Watson ended his talk by reminding students that even if they feel they are at the bottom of the totem pole, God will still use them.

Listen to Watson’s talk in its entirety.