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Alumnus Compiles Early LCU Memories into Book

On July 9, 2015, Jim Bob Swafford (’61) published his second book, a compilation of alumni stories from the first years of LCC (1957 - 1961) titled “Let Us Go About Our Work: Remembering Lubbock Christian College: The Early Years.”

“Let Us Go About Our Work” is comprised of reminiscing Facebook conversations, relevant newspaper clippings, and letters from students. In addition to alumni, early faculty and staff such as Ken Rhodes and Wayne Hinds contributed comments.

In 2011, LCU Alumni Relations began the Facebook group “You know you went to Lubbock Christian in the 60’s if you remember…,” which immediately began to garner memories from Swafford and his peers. After a month of recalling the early life at then-LCC, Swafford proposed gathering the stories and comments from the page into book form.

“It was like actually being at school again. We were all visiting and talking, enjoying each other’s company, and remembering our experiences at Lubbock Christian,” Swafford said.

Swafford attended the groundbreaking for LCC in 1957 as a high school student, then began attending LCC in 1959. When Swafford and his peers were in school, there was still much work to be done around the campus to make it livable.

“There was not one student who didn’t do some job to build that university. We had to do the work. We had to plant the trees, put the pipelines in. We did have to build the sidewalks; we did have to put the planks down to walk across the mud. We all worked on the field house,” Swafford recalled.

LCU’s first president, Dr. F.W. Mattox engaged as much in the physical work as he did the administrative work. Every speech he gave to the student body ended with his signature phrase, which inspired Swafford’s title: “Let us go about our work.”

Swafford’s first book, “The Other Side of Me,” collected poems and memoirs written by his brother, D.L. “Tex” Swafford, a Marine veteran of Vietnam. The collection tells the story of Tex’s tours of duty in Vietnam and his lasting struggles with PTSD. Swafford hopes that “The Other Side of Me” will give insight into the lives of combat veterans during and after their service on the battlefield.

Similarly, Swafford hopes that “Let Us Go About Our Work” will provide insight into the lives and experiences of the early LCU students, staff, and faculty – LCC’s “Modern Pioneers.” Swafford intends the book for more recent graduates and current students rather than the early classes.

“We want to give the sense of community. We want to share what Lubbock Christian was like in our time, in the early years,” Swafford said.

Even though Swafford only spent two years at the junior college, LCU’s influence stuck with him, making him an active alumnus. He plans to dedicate all proceeds from “Let Us Go About Our Work” sales to a student scholarship.

“Let Us Go About Our Work” is available for purchase on Amazon.