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LCU works with Lubbock’s Link Ministries. 

On Saturday, March 23rd, Lubbock Christian University students, faculty and staff will join together for the University’s sixth annual day of service called, "Collide." 

Collide is sponsored by the Inter Club Counsel (ICC) with the goal of uniting LCU students from various backgrounds and interests while serving the Lubbock community. This will be the second consecutive year for LCU to work with Link Ministries. Those participating in this service project will gather at noon to pray over the project, and then carpool to Link Ministries to work from 1:00pm-5:00pm. During this opportunity to serve off–campus, LCU’s Collide volunteers will partner with Link Ministries on several projects such as painting buildings, organizing storage, cleaning Link Ministries’ campus, building garden beds, laying a walkway, and setting up tents.

Les Burrus, executive administrator of Link Ministries says, “Without Collide and the service these volunteers offer, we would find ourselves two or three years behind in clean up and transformation of the site. The level of servitude among the students and faculty gives me great hope for our future of Christendom, our community, and our country.”

Collide originated in 2008, and volunteers have since then served at food banks, churches, the Children's Home, nursing homes, and other non-profits on this annual service event each spring. This unique day gives students the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff outside of the university environment, to intermingle with fellow students from different walks in life, and set-aside time for service, which can be hard to do in a student’s busy schedule. ICC president, Victoria Richards, says, “We aren't going as social clubs, athletics, or other student organizations; at Collide, we are all just LCU people striving to serve.”

Link Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit organization whose goal is to offer people resources to overcome obstacles that keep them from living the life God desires for them. Link Ministries does this by providing shelter and resources for the homeless at Tent City, and by providing a safe sports environment for youth at their ONE-9 Sports Park.