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Court of Appeals to Hear Cases at LCU

The 7th District Court of Appeals will hold court this Wednesday, February 12, from 10am-noon and 1:30-3:30pm in the Baker Conference Center on the Lubbock Christian University Campus. This is the fifth year in the past six years for the Court to appear on the LCU campus, and this year the Court will hear four oral arguments in actual cases.

James Shewan, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Criminal Justice, extends an invitation to the community to hear these cases. As the liaison for the Court, Shewan says “Rather than hearing a lecture or reading a textbook about the Texas court system, students can actually see and hear this court as part of the judicial branch conducting hearings live on campus.” “Otherwise, if they wanted to see this court in action, they would have to go to Potter County Courthouse in Amarillo.”

Students, faculty, and staff, along with the citizens of Lubbock have the opportunity to hear the appeals of the following cases: State of Texas vs. Barrow, a criminal case concerning assault; In Re: S.D., a juvenile justice case for a DWI and reckless driving; Opaitz vs. Gannaway Web Holding, et al., a defamation civil lawsuit against NewsChannel 11; and In the Estate of Jesse Gray, an appeal pertaining to who inherits Mr. Gray’s estate.

A notable case the 7th District Court of Appeals has heard in the past on the LCU campus was the oral argument for Leach vs. Texas Tech, which had the gallery and press area filled to capacity for the hearing. Many cases that come to campus are criminal cases that raise the issue of whether or not the trial jury heard enough evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The 7th District Court of Appeals consists of Chief Justice Brian Quinn, Justice James T. Campbell, Justice Mackey K. Hancock, and Justice Patrick A. Pirtle.