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Andy Young posed with his book in his office

Dr. Andy Young Publishes Negotiator and SWAT Survey Research

Dr. Andy Young’s research surveys on hostage negotiators and SWAT operators were featured in numerous publications in the past year. His research comes on the heels of the publication of his book, “Fight or Flight: Negotiating Crisis on the Front Line” in November 2015.

He began his research after reading an article by Amy Grubb outlining how someone should begin composing research.

“I love being a hostage negotiator,” said Young, “and when it hit me that very little research has been done in this area… I jumped on it and conducted a national survey of hostage negotiators.”

Young’s survey of negotiators was published in March 2016 in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology. He also composed a summary of the survey for the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Police Chief Magazine.

He conducted the same survey with SWAT operators. After collecting results from across the nation, he wrote up an analysis of his findings.

With some help from Chris Hennington, Young did on a comparison of the SWAT survey results with the negotiator survey results.

“That led to some helpful and usable findings for negotiators and SWAT teams to use, so I corresponded with some publications in that field,” Young explained.

The comparison was published in Command Magazine, a journal for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, in November 2016. A similar article will be published in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) publication in February 2017. Young has also submitted an academic version of the survey comparison results to the journal, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management.

Young hopes to replicate his research with officers in both Canada and the U.K.