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Enactus Group Inspired by NBC's SharkTank

Inspired by NBC’s show SharkTank, ChapTank was organized to encourage LCU students to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. Sixteen original business ideas were pitched to a panel of judges at LCU’s Enactus business entrepreneurial competition, ChapTank. At the end of the competition one student walked away with $1,500, provided in part by Sam’s Club.

“The students were impressive in the presentations of their ideas,” says Mr. Tracy Mack, LCU business professor and sponsor of LCU Enactus. “We hope this event raised awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship in the American economy. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are vital to the health of the economy in the Lubbock area and nationwide.”

LCU senior and biology major, Nolan Rutherford, won the ChapTank competition with his idea for a “Food and Water Safety QuickStrip.” The QuickStrip is essentially a novel way of detecting any specified microorganisms for food and water safety. Rutherford’s concept would give instantaneous results compared to the six-hour process that certain food and water companies currently have to endure.

Rutherford expands, “For example, if a food production facility needs to test for Salmonella along their product line, the QuickStrip could fill that need.”

Now that he’s won the competition, Rutherford plans to meet with experts to discuss the possibility of developing this product.

Other ideas introduced at ChapTank include a nutrition bar, a personal finance class targeted at Christian women, and a video posting app.

The panel of five judges consisted of experienced business professionals including: Kevin Judge, General Manager for Lubbock Sam’s Club; Kade Wilcox, member of the Ogallala Commons leadership team; Kathy Crockett, Graduate Leadership Professor at LCU; and Raymond Richardson, former Vice President of Human Resources and Operations at Lubbock City Bank and current Vice President of University Advancement at LCU.

Each participant had the opportunity to visit with the judges after the competition, where they received valuable advice and encouragement.

ChapTank was sponsored by Sam’s Club and organized by LCU’s Enactus group. Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic, and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. As members of Enactus, students are led by advisors and business experts to create and implement community empowerment projects to promote the free enterprise economic system right here in Lubbock.