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Encounter counselors worship and praise on the Moody stage

Encounter Summer Camp Provides Unique, Immersive Spiritual Experience for High Schoolers

“Campers, how do you feel?!”

Over 500 high school campers at Lubbock Christian University summer camp Encounter respond in a chorus of excited voices. The campers come from church homes all across the southwest, many traveling to Lubbock with their youth groups for the week-long camp.

Encounter serves as an immersive spiritual experience through powerful group worship, impactful keynote speakers, and interactive break-out classes.

The worship began in the morning after breakfast, and continued throughout the day until the evening. The most memorable worship sessions were in the evening, following dinner in the McDonald Moody Auditorium, but campers found moments of praise in between classes, during classes, and in small-group devotionals.

The speakers focused their talks around the 2017 Encounter theme, “Future.” The theme revolved around the distinctions between earthly and eternal futures: what may come in our futures, who is guiding our futures, and what we can do now to prepare and change our futures. Speakers for the week included David Fraze, Josh Stephens, Taylor Wailing, Matt Clark, Charlton Taylor, and Rob Duncan.

The classes spanned a number of topics, each providing a unique experience for campers. After meeting in the Moody, campers rushed out to the mall to snag a ticket to the class of their choice. Though each class was different, they each involved focused time on an important spiritual topic, often taking a creative approach to convey a deeper meaning.

After such a powerful and immersive week at Encounter 2017, LCU hopes to see campers return in the fall for Encounter LE (Limited Edition), an Encounter-style weekend retreat for middle school and high school students.

To find out more about Encounter and the other camp experiences that LCU hosts, visit the camps site or follow LCU Summer Camps on Facebook.