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President Perrin asks Mr. Tinker questions in Q&A following the lecture

Fifth Installment in Annual Lanier Lecture Series Focuses on Tolerance with Speaker Melvin Tinker

Mr. Melvin Tinker, internationally renowned Christian author and speaker, delivered the keynote address at Lubbock Christian University’s 5th Annual Lanier Theological Library Lectures, on November 10.

In the past, the Lanier Theological Lecture series has hosted speakers who have discussed topics such as, "Does the Bible Support Slavery?" and "C.S. Lewis and the Post Modern Generation: His Message 50 Years Later." As a part of this lecture series, LCU also hosted the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit on campus in 2014.

In the fifth year of the lecture series, Tinker spoke on tolerance in a modern context, in a lecture titled, “The Tyranny of Tolerance: How We Can Be Truly Tolerant in an Increasingly Intolerant Age.”

President Perrin introduces Melvin TinkerLCU President Tim Perrin said, “We are deeply grateful for our partnership with Mark Lanier and his remarkable theological library. Through the support of the Lanier Theological Library and with the sponsorship of Platinum Bank, we have the opportunity each year to meet and to learn from leading Christian thinkers and writers.”

Tinker’s writings display a concern for faith interacting with culture. His lecture at LCU delved into what tolerance has meant in the past, in both secular and religious settings, and what the world is becoming, given the evolving, popular understanding of what it means to be tolerant.

“Until relatively recently, tolerance was a supporting 

Melvin Tinker gives lecture on tolerance

virtue of other primary virtues, especially focused on liberty-freedom of conscience, speech and assembly,” said Tinker. “And so, to be tolerant of someone was to take the posture of saying, ‘I may not agree with your views, but I would defend your right to hold them and express them.' The new tolerance is different in saying 'You must accept all views as equally valid, if not, you won't be tolerated.’ This threatens the liberty of all and will have serious consequences.”

The Lanier Theological Library has sponsored annual lectures on the LCU campus since 2012, when Dr. James Hoffmeier lectured on “Exodus from Egypt.” Mark Lanier, the founder and creator of the Lanier Theological Library, works closely with LCU to sponsor the lecture series.

For anyone who missed the lecture, a video recording will be available on the LCU YouTube channel later this week.