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LCU Associates and Lubbock Community Celebrate Arnett House Centennial

Lubbock Christian University and the Lubbock community joined the LCU Associates on Monday, Apr. 6, in the Centennial Celebration of the Arnett House.

A special chapel ceremony led by former LCU presidents, Drs. Steven Lemley and Ken Jones, was held in the McDonald Moody Auditorium and gave students and guests insight into the history and work done by the LCU Associates.

“We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Arnett House’s 1915 construction and we are recognizing the LCU Associates who have made this old historic house a beautiful and useful landmark for our campus, our city, and our region,” Lemley said.

Following chapel, the Associates and members of the LCU and Lubbock community gathered at the Arnett House to celebrate its designation as a historical landmark by the State of Texas Historical Commission. A ribbon cutting, City of Lubbock special recognition, and unveiling of the landmark were held with an open house following the events.

The Arnett House was designed by Fort Worth architect M. L. Waller as a wedding gift for Mr. and Mrs. J. Lanham Higginbotham in 1915. In 1917, the home was purchased by Sam C. Arnett, Sr. and family. The home was donated, along with 20 acres of land, to Lubbock Christian College by Dr. Sam C. Arnett, Jr. in 1956. The house was then moved to the LCC campus and placed west of the current education building. From 1956 to 1975, the home served as LCC’s first administration building, the girl’s dorm, campus offices, the Psychology/Sociology Department, a counseling center, a print shop, and a photo lab.

In 1975, LCC’s Board of Trustees gave the Arnett House to the LCU Associates, a group of volunteers who have been diligently serving the university since 1958. The Associates had the home moved to its current location on campus at 5513 22nd Street. Since then, the LCU Associates have not only restored the home, but have used the home for purposes from gift shop to a place where LCU can hold important events. The Arnett House was designated a historical landmark by the City of Lubbock in 1984.