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LCU Professor Publishes Book on Victim Services Experience

Lubbock Christian University behavioral sciences professor, Dr. Andy Young, will be publishing his first book, “Fight or Flight: Negotiating Crisis on the Front Line,” in November 2015.

“Fight or Flight” details Dr. Young’s experiences working with the Lubbock Police Department as a hostage negotiator and crisis counselor since he began in 2000. It includes stories and lessons from his years on the Victim Services Crisis Team at LPD.

Dr. Young began at LCU in 1996, teaching primarily in the behavioral sciences department, but also instructing classes in criminal justice, Bible, and nursing. He was head of the criminal justice program when it first became available at LCU in 2005.

Though Dr. Young had toyed with the idea of writing a book, he hadn’t seriously considered it until he spoke at a conference in Seattle last summer. Afterward, one of the other speakers approached him. He encouraged Dr. Young to write his stories down.

“That kind of pushed me over the edge to try and pursue it more,” recalled Dr. Young. “I contacted a friend who has a publishing company. He said he had writers to help compile everything. That was the part of the writing – putting it all on paper – that was a little much for me.”

With the help of Rebecca Helman, a ghostwriter at eGen publishing, Dr. Young compiled content from his speeches, presentations, and stories into a 13 chapter book. Marti Statler at eGen is currently working with Dr. Young on marketing his book. Primarily, “Behind the Yellow Tape” is targeted to mental health workers in crisis situations, hostage negotiators, and students. However, he believes the stories would interest anyone who is curious about what goes on behind yellow police tape.

“A lot of people don’t understand what goes on in law enforcement. They don’t understand the nasty, horrible situations that come out of nowhere, much less how to respond to them. Hopefully this book kind of balances that and gives a more realistic view of the stuff that ends up on TV,” Dr. Young said.

Fight or Flight” will be available November 2015.

Additionally, Dr. Young will be speaking about the book on LCU campus Nov. 23 for the EquipLCU faculty luncheon.

Check out Dr. Young speaking on his experiences in this video.

(All pictures used in this article will be featured via QR code in “Fight or Flight.”)