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LCU Public Safety Department Commissions New Chief

A special swearing-in ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 27, in the Lubbock Christian University Cardwell Welcome Center to commission Michael Smith as Chief of the LCU Police Department.

The ceremony follows a process that began in January of 2014, when Smith and other administrators began discussing the benefits and drawbacks of having sworn officers on campus. After much deliberation, the decision to have officers on campus was brought to the LCU Board of Trustees who voted for the process to proceed.

Following the meeting, the process was put into gear, beginning with funding and the preparation of an application required by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Smith and others prepared the application through the consultation of other law enforcement agencies, such as the Lubbock Police Department and the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office, while looking at similar police departments that exist on fellow private university campuses. The application was submitted and accepted at the beginning of 2015.

When asked about the hiring process of potential LCU peace officers, Smith said that he and other administrators want to be very intentional in the selection process. Officers will have already completed basic training through TCOLE, but, more importantly, Smith said they want to hire officers who represent the mission of Lubbock Christian University. He wants the LCU Police Department to be a good addition for both the university and its students.

“We want to continue to be a good service for LCU. We want to be a good asset for LCU. We want to be good ambassadors for LCU,” Smith said.

Smith also shared his thoughts on today’s ceremony saying, “I’m pleased to get to this point. I know that it’s not the end of the road. It completes this phase but opens up a new phase for us. I thank God for giving me this duty and this privilege. I thank our administration, leadership support, our board of trustees, to not only do this, but to do it the right way. To me, that’s the best part of it.”