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LCU Releases Book of Stories for 60th Anniversary

We tell the LCU story through voices that come from every decade of the university’s existence. This diversity of authors and experiences helps to capture LCU’s very heartbeat. This book is not a comprehensive history of LCU, but rather a collection of stories beautifully and lovingly written by individuals who in many cases are sharing firsthand accounts of what happened and who in every case write out of a deep and enduring affection for the university.
–Excerpt from the Foreword by L. Timothy Perrin


In celebration of the 60th anniversary, Lubbock Christian University is releasing a special publication compiling memories of the university from various men and women of faith – “Pioneering Spirit, Extraordinary Faith: Stories and Essays about LCU’s First 60 Year.”

Preorders for the book cost $20 and will ship after Feb. 1. With the beginning of homecoming on Feb. 3 and the release of the book, the price will rise $25.

Over 40 people contributed stories and essays that comprise the book. One of them, Bobby Hooten III (’13), works as the web content manager in LCU MarCom and wrote several chapters for the collection.

“Being asked to help work on this book was an incredible experience,” said Hooten. “Even though I grew up around LCU, attended school here, and now work on campus, I still learned so many things just from the sections that I authored. The amount of history in this book is truly remarkable.”

Other remarkable contributors include:

  • Dr. R. Gerald Turner ('66), Southern Methodist University president
  • Drs. Steven ('65) and Emily ('65) Lemley, former LCU president and first lady
  • Dr. L. Ken Jones, LCU chancellor
  • Brian Starr, LCU executive vice president
  • Warren McNeill, LCU vice president for university relations
  • Rod Blackwood, LCU provost
  • And more.


The book shares a rich, 60-year history of a growing university since its days as an empty cotton field as it strives to transform student’s lives to purpose and service in Christ.

“Despite what I knew previously about LCU, I have an even deeper appreciation for so many different people who helped make this place the life-changing place that it is today,” Hooten added. “There are so many personal stories of sacrifice, of true Christ-like examples, that I probably never would have discovered if not for these stories.”

Check out these videos from several of the book’s contributors and order your copy today.

Those of us who know and love [LCU] have no doubt about why so many people have sacrificed so much for the university. Dr. F. W. Mattox and the other founding fathers and mothers of LCU... set the tone sixty years ago... That pioneering spirit of doing the work, not for glory or fame but for the Lord and his kingdom – that spirit is what built LCU, what has sustained her for sixty years, and what will help secure the future of LCU for students who will come in the next sixty years.
- Susan Blassingame, dean of the Hancock College of Liberal Arts and Education