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Graphic for upcoming Healthy Family Conference

Lubbock Christian University’s Annual Healthy Families Conference Coming Up in April

On Thursday, April 5, Lubbock Christian University and the Bullard Institute for Strong Families will host the sixth annual Healthy Families Conference featuring guest keynote speaker Trevor Ragan.

The Healthy Families Conference is a two-day conference that focuses on enhancing relationships and refining mental health. The conference strives to serve the community by offering research-based training to counselors, social workers, and educators who serve the Lubbock area as well as church ministers and members striving to help their congregations flourish.

Ragan is nationally recognized for his revolutionary work with growth mindset, principles that can change and improve the way individuals learn and grow. Growth mindset is also the focus of LCU's new quality enhancement program (QEP).

Ragan is the founder of Train Ugly, a growth mindset initiative, and travels the world speaking, learning, and writing. Through his Train Ugly program, Trevor has worked with numerous businesses and organizations including, but not limited to: Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft, Chipotle, MLB teams, Team USA, Olympic teams, and hundreds of schools.

The two-day conference will include keynote sessions, breakout sessions, social work and counseling professional networking and continuing education units. For the complete schedule of the conference visit,