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Graphic art for 2018 Refresh Conference

Refresh Women's Conference Equips and Encourages Leaders

Equipped. Empowered. Encouraged – on a deeper level. That’s what Refresh Women’s Conference hopes the women who come can take away from the spiritual experience.

“We’re not aiming just at ministers; we’re aiming at any woman who feels that they give a part of their life to others in spiritual discipleship. A public school teacher is also a minister in her own right,” said Shannon Rains, assistant professor of children’s ministry and coordinator for Refresh.

Refresh began with Rains’s observation that women in leadership positions tend to have few opportunities to equip themselves. Refresh is intended to be a safe place where women can get in-depth information that they might not get otherwise.

Over 50 attended the conference held Saturday, Feb. 24 at Lubbock Christian University with featured speaker Heather Hodges.

Hodges is a wife, mother, visual and performing artist, speaker, and Christ-follower who is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry. Her topical focus for the conference was on the Enneagram and its spiritual application.

“The Enneagram helps people know themselves,” Rains explained. “How do I function? What are my key motivations inwardly that inform the decision I’m making as I relate to the rest of the world? The way we interact with others grow out of this motivation, and it takes a lot of time and reflection to discover the spiritual depth to them. The Enneagram is a useful tool for that. What can we take away with us? And what can we give to God and allow Him to come and work with us in our lives?”

Rains emphasizes that understanding the depths to each person’s motivations can help us interact with other people – which directly applies to the field of ministry. She hopes that everyone who came can feel fortified and better equipped in their day-to-day ministry after the discussion and fellowship at Refresh.

Hodges’ presentation at the 2018 Refresh Conference can now also be heard as a podcast.