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Scholar's Colloquium 2016 and Katharine Hayhoe's Keynote Success for LCU

The Lubbock Christian University Scholars Colloquium highlights LCU’s impressive academics and research and the 2016 Colloquium was successful in many ways.

  • More than 60 presentations were made by both LCU faculty and students.
  • Keynote speaker Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, was impressive to even those skeptical on the topic, according to Dr. Stacy Patty, director of LCU’s Honors Program and professor of religion.
  • Attendance and participation were way up, with a total of 1,919 attending events over April 14-15 – well beyond the 1,379 attending last year.

Part of the reason for higher attendance, said Patty, was the appearance of Hayhoe and also a renewed push by faculty to encourage students to present research. He said continued support for capstone projects is having a crescendo effect that pairs well with President Tim Perrin’s address on all kinds of excellence at the university.

As for Hayhoe’s appearance, Patty said some members of the LCU community expressed concern before the event.

Some faculty and staff are skeptical about climate change, Patty said. “I was holding my breath, but she did well. Even her skeptics were impressed at how balanced she was. Not a few people said she was the best speaker we’ve had,” he added. “She’s a committed Christian who cares deeply about this issue and communicating to other Christians a balance between extremes.”

Patty said the good turnout for Hayhoe’s address led to a good turnout Friday. “The colloquium is alive and well,” he said.

The Faculty Faith and Learning Luncheon that has been part of the colloquium became a dinner this year with Hayhoe, faculty, and students. The top three presentations in terms of attendance were:

  • Brianna Wallace on “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien and director Peter Jackson, who made the books into popular movies.
  • Journee Cotton on “Narnia: 7 spheres”
  • Taylor Phillips on Dionysus and C.S. Lewis, who, among many other books, wrote the Narnia series.

Patty acknowledged committee members Paula Gannaway, Cathy Box, Bart Durham, and Cindy Ford for their efforts to make the event a success.