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Clubs Christliche Damen and Koinonia line up at the Get Busy Bash

Social Club Week Provides Diverse Experience and Fosters Unity

At the beginning of each spring semester, the social clubs at Lubbock Christian University accept new members during a process called Social Club Week.

Women in Lambda Omega Alpha and Kappa Phi Kappa pose at the Get Busy BashSocial clubs provide a way for students to connect with their peers in a group structured for fellowship.

Women have the opportunity to join one of four clubs:

Men can join one of three clubs:

Social clubs annually compete in the LCU Homecoming tradition of Master Follies, a musical revue showcasing students hard-work and creativity. Clubs can participate in intramural sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Additionally, clubs focus on service opportunities, such as nursing home visits, children’s home activities, and working with charities, local non-profits, and service venues.

Social Club Week is the last event in a semester long process to join a social club. New students are introduced to social clubs at the Get Busy Bash during freshman orientation. Then students attended “rush parties” to scope out the personality and variety to each club. After the clubs and students make their final decisions, students attend a Bid Party at the end of the small semester with their future social club.

When they return from winter break, students begin Social Club Week to officially join the club.

Bobby Hooten Jr. (‘89) recalls his experience joining the club Alpha Chi Delta during Social Club Week, then called “Pledge Week,” in the 80s:

Pledge week in the 80s held some of the most memorable times of my college career – so many memories and experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and something I would never want to do again.

The purpose of pledge week, and I believe what it successfully accomplished, was developing a deep sense of unity and brotherhood. It cemented you into a group of guys that you had suffered and endured some very challenging trials with. In times of sleep deprivation and extreme physical challenges, you learned that you could lean on God, and you and your brother could thrive. It was a week of personal and spiritual growth and bonds of friendship to last a lifetime.

When I look back at memories three decades old, some of the best of those memories were from being in club, and club would not have been the same without pledge week.