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Students network at part-time job fair

Steps to Success: How LCU Career Services Can Help Students Prepare Professionally

Success comes in steps, and LCU Career Services is there to help students take those steps towards their future careers.

“Coming into college, one great thing you can do is get involved with Career Services,” said Ashton Darrow, career services specialist. “I’m so passionate about people maximizing their strengths and cultivating their interests. The question is, will they do what it takes to be all they can be? Career Services can help with that.”

Career Services provides opportunities to prepare students for a professional environment, including job fairs, career workshops, and interview preparation.

Darrow and the former career services specialist, Lindsey Holt, provided some tips for how students can make choices during college to set them up for future success:

  • Take a career assessment. “Most students don’t know what kind of career they want when they start college,” said Darrow. “A career assessment can help students narrow down what their interests are and what they might be naturally good at – something they may not have thought about before. It can help students decide on the right major for them.” Since each major allows for many career options, the test can help narrow down your path during college. Darrow is happy to help provide career assessments to anyone who contacts Career Services.
  • Get a part-time job. Part-time jobs can provide increased financial security for students in college, whether you plan to pay for school or for late-night Whataburger runs. In addition to the monetary help, a job can improve your resume in a number of ways: attention to detail, work ethic, and other valuable qualities. “Working at a part-time job can show consistency and dependability in your resume, even if the job doesn’t directly relate to your major,” explained Holt. For help finding a part-time job, students can attend the Part-Time Job Fair hosted by Career Services on Sept. 2.
  • Build your resume. Employers tend to be hesitant to hire students with blank resumes, but college is packed with opportunities to add to your resume: academic achievements, awards and special honors, and extracurricular clubs and groups. Getting involved in social activities can also prepare you better for networking and interviews. Career Services will also be hosting a Resume Workshop to help students build their resumes on Oct. 21.
  • “Follow your dreams,” Darrow added. “That’s what I want to get across.”

LCU Career Services will be hosting a series of events to help students feel ready for their future careers, including six events in the Fall 2016 semester. The events kick off with a part-time job fair Friday, Sept. 2 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Cardwell Welcome Center.

For more information, career prep opportunities, and help finding jobs suited for you, contact Ashton Darrow ( or Career Services ( to get started.

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