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Student Loan Report Ranked LCU on List of Private Schools Where Students Earn Most Aid

The Student Loan Report ranked Lubbock Christian University 125 out of over 700 private schools where students earn the most scholarship aid.

“This is a pretty big deal given the current student loan debt climate in America,” said Nicholas Chee, a contributor for The Student Loan Report. “Scholarships are an excellent way to fund higher education because they don’t come with the same obligation for repayment as a loan.”

LCU strives to remain affordable for students despite the expectation that a private education will also be expensive. With a bulk rate tuition for 12 to 18 academic hours of $10,897 per semester, LCU’s cost competes against neighboring universities as well as Christian colleges in other states.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, LCU awarded over $8.7 million dollars in student scholarship funding.

In the Student Loan Report list, LCU ranked above several sister Christian universities –Oklahoma Christian University (125) and Pepperdine University (188) – and other notable private universities, such as Rice University (217).

The rankings consider overall scholarship money awarded to the student body, as well as the number of undergraduate students at the institution, to determine the average scholarship aid given per undergraduate.

“LCU values students and offers many scholarship opportunities to assist with educational expenses, making private higher education a reality and an excellent choice for students seeking a valuable education, strong sense of community, and welcoming atmosphere,” said Becky Wilson, assistant vice president of financial assistance.

The data used for this ranking system is obtained from Peterson’s Financial Aid 2015-2016 data, which is reported by the institutions and includes need-based aid, work-study job opportunities, etc. Out of more than 700 private colleges, only 250 were included as ranked.

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