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Impact campers participate in lunchtime talent show

Summer Camps Kick Off at LCU with Impact Camp for Active Retirees

LCU reaches beyond just college students with Impact Camp, the first summer camp of the 2016 season, that welcomed more than 40 participants to campus.

Aroma of Christ Impact theme card

Every summer, Lubbock Christian University hosts Impact as a retreat for active retirees, bringing in speakers, song leaders, and entertainment for an event specifically tailored to an audience older than the university’s normal clientele.  While they may not be as young as the college students one would expect to be on the campus, they know how to have a lot of fun.

The itinerary for the four-day retreat included times of worship, daily classes taught by John Smith, and powerful nightly keynote speeches by Trey Morgan, Peter Dahlstrom, and Gary Evans, as well as entertainment such as Impact’s Got Talent, the play Reborn by Christ in the Arts, and Let’s Paint!  Adding in meals, free time in which the participants can enjoy activities like board games, dominoes, and Bingo, and panel discussions, the event much like a summer camp, but for adults.

Impact campers register for the weekImpact began in 1985, when directors noticed that, while LCU had camps for high school and junior high students, there could be something similar to spiritually encourage senior adults and active retirees. Today, the retreat brings in speakers to touch on spiritual topics as well as other topics that affect senior adults, such as social security and Medicare. For many participants, Impact is something that they look forward to every year, not only because of the experience itself, but because it allows the LCU alumni that participate to remain in touch with the university that they hold dear to their hearts. 

LCU will also be hosting annual camps Encounter, Champion, and more on campus this summer. To find out more about Impact and other camp experiences that LCU hosts during the summer, click here.

President Tim Perrin addresses Impact campersImpact campers praise and worship God throughout the week