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Several camp leaders at Camp Champion pose in theme

Summer Camps Set to Begin at LCU

Following spring graduation, most students leave campus for the summer – some to travel, some to go home, and more. But even though the campus has fewer students, there's still plenty happening at Lubbock Christian University during the summer months. 

Online and summer classes are available to students, some departments hold residencies or conferences, but the biggest events tend to be the LCU summer camps. The camps create a welcome burst of activity on campus.

Encounter – June 10-16

The first of the on-campus summer camps, Encounter fosters an environment where high-school-aged students can come to fellowship with friends, have faith-driven and spiritually-deep experiences, and encounter God. The week-long camp combines interactive class experiences with lively worship time and impactful speakers and entertainers. 

Camp Champion – June 14-29

The second on-campus summer camp, Camp Champion, is like Encounter while providing a wholly different experience catered toward middle-school-aged students. With a focus on active learning, the week-long camp provides interactive classes, devotionals, and activities to encourage positive growth during an influential phase of many people's lives.

Pine Springs – Multiple Sessions through Aug. 9

Pine Springs, while owned and operated by LCU, breaks the mold for the university's summer camps in a number of ways. Located at Pine Springs Camp in Sacramento, NM, each of the camp's sessions are led by different individuals and intended for different age ranges. Consistently, the camp offers retreat-style facilities and camp counselors who are passionate about sharing faith and the love of God. A total of 10 sessions will be offered in the summer of 2018.