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The Skit Guys Deliver Laughter for Encounter Campers

Lubbock Christian University welcomed Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, better known as The Skit Guys, to campus on Thursday June 18 where they performed various skits for high school students attending the university’s summer camp, Encounter.

The comedic duo kept campers and counselors alike rolling with laughter during their hour and a half long show, presenting hilarious representations of Adam and Eve, Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and much more while pulling volunteers from the audience.

Tommy and Eddie, who have been friends since high school, served as youth ministers before becoming The Skit Guys in 1995. The two began performing skits as teenagers and continued the tradition in their youth groups before they started performing at various camps and church events. Both men said God opened the door from they and they chose to walk through it.

Since then, Tommy and Eddie have performed across the country, produced various online videos ranging from comedy to drama, and have made their skits available for use through their website.

When asked what it’s like to get such a positive feedback from their ministry, Tommy said, “The only word is humbling because we know there is nothing about Eddie and I that is worth duplicating or anything about us that changes people’s lives, but the Holy Spirit does, and God has allowed us to be a part of that work.”

Eddie also said that the experience has been “surprising,” “unreal,” and that it is something they don’t take for granted.