Lubbock Christian University


Lubbock Christian University was founded by members of the Churches of Christ dedicated to restoring New Testament Christianity. To honor its heritage, the university is committed to imparting this faith and its values to future generations.
The mission of Lubbock Christian University is to educate students, imparting values for scholarship and for life. Through its baccalaureate and graduate programs, the university challenges students to think critically, to excel in their disciplines, and to model Christ.

Absolutely not. While we do have a highly respected Bible department, we offer over 60 different degrees. Our three most popular degrees plans are Biology, Education, and Nursing. See a full listing of our degrees.

There are two ways to visit our campus. The first is to schedule a private campus visit. Your admissions counselor will show you around the campus, take you to lunch, even make an appointment with a professor, or let you sit in on a class. You can schedule your campus visit. The second option is to attend on a Chap Day. See upcoming Chap Day dates.

Chap Day is a group campus visit which includes a department fair, chapel, campus tour, lunch, and much more. You will also meet fellow students interested in LCU – possibly your future roommate! Visit your personal URL at to register today!

We would love to! Just click here.

  • Complete the Application for Admission
  • Submit ACT or SAT score
  • Submit your High School Transcript

For Early Decision- Period 1: December 1st of your senior year (transcript needed at the end of your junior year).
For Early Decision- Period 2: February 1st or your senior year (transcript needed at the end of fall semester of senior year).
For Regular Decision: June 15th after your senior (transcript needed at the end of your senior year).
There Are No Deadlines for Transfers.

There is a $50 application fee.

To calculate eligibility follow this link to our admissions requirements.

Yes, LCU recognizes completion of a home school secondary curriculum.

Yes, if you passed the General Education Development (GED) with a minimum average score of 45 or higher.

Upon the receipt of your application and ACT/SAT test scores, you will receive notice in the mail, and be contacted by your admissions counselor.

Most courses from an accredited college or junior college with a grade of a C or higher will transfer. Vocational, Technical or remedial classes will not transfer. Students will need to check with their advisors for clarification of how the class will fit into their academic plan.

Lubbock Christian University is now an official member of NCAA Division II athletics.

Lubbock Christian University believes in the transformative impact of a residential campus community and maintains multiple on-campus housing venues to meet the variety of needs and preferences of its students.

Full-time, unmarried undergraduate students are generally required to live in LCU campus housing for their first three years of study at LCU.

Students have the option to live off-campus for the following reasons.

  • The student is 21 years of age prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
  • The student is married and/or has dependent children.
  • The student is part-time, enrolled in 11 semester hours or less at LCU.

In certain circumstances students may qualify to petition to live off campus if one of the following stipulations is met:

  1. The student lives with parent or legal guardian in their primary residence within a 45-mile radius of the LCU campus. Students whose parents own property or home in Lubbock are not exempt from the residency requirement.
  2. The student has a significant medical/ADA condition submitted through disability services that would preclude the student from living on campus.
  3. Transfer Student: The student transferred to LCU with living arrangements already in place prior to enrollment.

The required petition form may be obtained from the Residence Life office. Petitions from current students must be submitted for the semester during which the student wishes to live off-campus. For new students matriculating to LCU, the petition submission deadline for the Fall semester is June 1, and December 1 for the Spring semester. The petition will be reviewed by the housing committee. Students should not sign a lease or make commitments prior to the decision of the housing committee.

For students who have completed two long semesters at LCU prior Fall 2022, please see your applicable policy.

Yes. All students living on campus are allowed a car. Most students who live on campus keep their cars parked at the dorms and walk to class. Students who commute have plenty of parking as well.

Too many to count! A few of our most popular are T.W.I.R.P. Week (think Sadie Hawkins), Spiritual Renewal Week, intramurals, social clubs, Master Follies, campus golf, pancake supper, and many many more. Our students also love attending Chaparral athletic events.


Students of all faiths are welcome to attend LCU.

All classes are taught by an LCU professor.

Student absences must be explained to the satisfaction of the instructor who will decide whether omitted work may be made up.

To be acceptable for transfer credit, courses must be of comparable content and level with at least a grade of C.. Coursework submitted from non-regionally accredited institutions must also be evaluated to determine teacher credentials.

Just give our Financial Assistance office a call (1.800.933.7601). We think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can indeed afford to send your child to LCU. We'll work with you and help you find all the financial help we can so your child's dream of attending LCU can come true.

Freshmen are given a nightly curfew, and the freshmen resident halls are locked at that time.

We have a medical clinic centrally located on campus to handle mild to moderate illnesses and minor medical procedures. The LCU Medical Clinic has both a physician (M.D.) and a nurse (R.N.) on staff, as well as administrative support staff. Find out more on the Medical Clinic.

Yes, all new students are required to be vaccinated, with few exceptions. For more information regarding this requirement, please visit this website. Please also be sure to review and complete the appropriate health forms found at this site.

First Care and HMO Blue.

Our food service provider will be happy to work with them to provide the meals they require.

Check our events calendar. You may want to plan a visit around one of our many campus activities, games or performances. Schedule your personal campus visit today or visit to register for a Chap Day.

Students are encouraged to discuss roommate challenges with their Resident Assistant and/or Dorm Supervisor. These staff members will assist in resolving any difficulties.

Students with special medical needs will receive first priority and other private rooms may be available based on dorm occupancy and availability. Private rooms, of course, will cost more.

Since every student is an individual with different needs and expenses, it would be difficult to pinpoint a specific amount. It would be best to plan a budget in advance in order to prepare for upcoming expenditures.

Many students enter the University undecided on a major. LCU is prepared to work with students and offer personal advisement along with many interests and career inventories to assist the student in making a decision.

A personal computer is not required, but it does provide the student access at their own convenience. But don't worry if your child does not have one. LCU has several computer labs on campus to serve the needs of students who do not have their own PCs. Every dorm room has direct and wireless Internet connections for those students who do bring computers.

While it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend it. Research says that students who attend Orientation are more likely to be successful and less likely to drop out. It's a great way to "get connected" and make adjustments before classes actually begin.

Transfer Students

You will receive a notice from the admissions officer with instructions on how to proceed with your registration.

Any remedial, vocational, technical, or business school courses will not transfer. Additionally, no courses in which you have withdrawn or received a grade of D or F will transfer.

Your last 36 hours must be completed at LCU in order to attain your degree.

Students transferring with 60 or more hours, will be required to take 6 hours of Bible (2 classes). Students with 30-59 hours must take 9 hours. Students transferring with less than 30 hours, must take 12 hours of Bible.

The process will take about three days.

Graduate Students

The most common master's degrees are the Master of Arts (MA) and the Master of Science (MS). Which degree you earn will depend on the program you choose to enter. LCU offers master's degrees in a variety of fields, from ministry to education. See Areas of Study. Moreover, not all LCU master's degrees require a master's thesis, providing new alternative solutions for busy adults. We also offer some master's degrees online.
LCU offers Master's degrees in the following areas:

We also offer a Master’s degree in Social Work through a cooperative effort with the University of Texas at Arlington. Contact Dr. Jill Johnson for more information on this degree.

Although the number of hours required to earn a degree varies, several of our degrees can be completed in as few as six semesters. All of our degrees currently require a comprehensive exam instead of a thesis. Some degrees may require a hands-on internship or practicum as part of the curriculum.

LCU also offers graduate-level certifications in the Graduate Education department. These include Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification and certifications for Master’s holders who wish to become Principals or Superintendents.

These certification programs require between fifteen and twenty-five credit hours. With a combination of evening and weekend classes; lecture-based, hybrid, or online coursework; and both the traditional sixteen-week and the more modern eight-week sessions, LCU provides a plethora of enrollment options.

The flexible schedule and formats allow most students to enroll without making changes to their employment as they work to earn a Master’s degree or certification. In fact, the majority of our graduate students are the full-time caretakers of their children and home, are homeschool educators, or are employed full-time outside of the home.

Most master's programs can be completed in two years after a bachelor's degree. However, with a wide range of master's offerings LCU can cater a program to fit you exactly where you are. Some programs are conducted through Flex Courses which offer a combination of online and weekend class sessions for working adults, while other programs may be completed through night classes, short courses, or standard on-campus offerings.

International Students

This will depend on how quickly the student returns all required paperwork. All documents must be submitted and fees paid before the I-20 will be issued.

No, we ask that you use two different people that are not related to the applicant.

Yes! Contact the international student admissions advisor, Shelley Parnell, for more info.

You can apply for CPT if it is an integral part of an established curriculum. In practical terms, “integral part of an established curriculum” means an opportunity must be required by the curriculum or, if not required, the student must receive credit for the training (example: internship). F-1 students must be enrolled in one academic year before they are eligible for CPT. Students can apply for post-completion OPT three months before the completion of their degree program. Students must be enrolled full-time for on a full academic year to be eligible for OPT.

International students can work on-campus and cannot exceed 20 hours per week while in school. The student must obtain a social security number to be eligible for on-campus employment.

Yes, as long as you are “in-status” at another SEVIS approved school. You must fill out the LCU Transfer form and have your I-20 transferred from your current school. Most schools will not transfer your record without an acceptance letter. You will receive an acceptance letter from LCU when we receive an application for admission and an official transcript from your current school.

Financial Assistance

Contact our Financial Assistance office! Most parents are surprised to learn that we indeed make coming to LCU possible through student loans, grants and scholarships.

Although we don't know your particular circumstances, it is likely you will qualify for some type of financial assistance. Contact the financial assistance office with any questions or requests for more information.

Student assistance and scholarships are based on a variety of factors. Because of this, you must reapply for financial assistance each academic year. Most scholarships are renewable if you maintain the required GPA and enrollment eligibility requirements of the scholarship. If your GPA drops below the requirement you will lose your scholarship. Some scholarships will increase $500 each year if GPA requirements and full-time student status are met.

Scholarships, grants, loans and work study are available to qualified students. Your financial assistance package could include federal and state grants, institutional aid, Federal Direct Student Loans, Parent Loans and College Work Study.

The Financial Assistance Office will make every effort to work with you regarding Special Circumstances that affect your family’s ability to pay including paid medical expenses, parent separation or divorce or parent widow or widower status. Please contact the Financial Assistance Office to discuss the Special Circumstance process.

"Loans" means that this money must be repaid. Loans include Federal Direct Student Loans, Parent Loans and Private student loans.
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
A subsidized loan is based on financial need. The Federal Government pays the interest for Direct Subsidized Loans while the student is in college, while the loan is in deferment and through the grace period.
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
An unsubsidized loan is not based on financial need but on the cost of attendance. You must either pay the interest monthly/quarterly or request the interest capitalized (added to the principal loan amount). Repayment of the interest and principle begins six months after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment.

Book costs will vary based on your class load, but LCU students spend approximately $650.00 per semester. Books are available for purchase through the online bookstore.

1) Apply and be accepted for admission to Lubbock Christian University.
2) Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available at beginning October 1st.
3) Complete the State of Legal Residency Form. Every student applying for aid must complete this form.
4) Complete any additional Financial Assistance forms requested. You may view a list of all requested documents via the student portal.
5) Accept financial assistance offer on the student portal.
6) If you decide to borrow student loans, complete Entrance Loan Counseling and your Master Promissory Note online at
7) If your parents decide to borrow a parent loan, they will need to complete and submit the Parent Loan Request Form

Repayment on the Federal Direct Student Loans begins six months after you drop below half-time enrollment or graduate from college.

You may cancel all or part of your loan at any time. If you choose to cancel all or part of your loan, forms are available upon request in the Financial Assistance office.

If you can pay the interest while in school, you will repay less student loan funding. If you choose not to pay the interest while you are in school and during grace periods and deferment or forbearance periods, your interest will accrue (accumulate) and be capitalized (that is, your interest will be added to the principal amount of your loan).

Freshman scholarships are based on high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores. Your LCU scholarship may be renewable for up to four years if you maintain the GPA requirement. View our scholarship page for all of our scholarship opportunities!

Outside scholarships may be available through community organizations, local businesses, civic groups, your employer or your parent’s employer, etc. You may also refer to the following sites for additional outside scholarship opportunities and

Yes, outside scholarships will stack with LCU scholarships.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application to determine need based eligibility for state and federal assistance. We encourage all students to complete the FAFSA as part of the financial aid process. You may find the application at

To be considered for state grant funding, complete the FAFSA.

To be considered for federal grant funding, complete the FAFSA.

Texas Equalization Grants (TEG) requires Texas residency.

Yes, you may want to consider a payment plan. For more information about this interest-free, monthly payment plan, go to or call the Business Office at 806.720.7302.

We encourage Smart Borrowing and that you borrow only what you need to meet your educational costs. Simply reduce the loan amount you wish to borrow for the academic year when accepting your aid in the student portal.

• Cash or check payments are accepted in the Business Office.
• Online payment programs take credit card payments and also checking/savings account payments. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Discover, American Express and will be assessed a processing fee.

Work study is based on financial need determined by FAFSA. You will be notified by the financial assistance office if you qualify.

A list of available work study jobs is updated here. All jobs are subject to the application and interview process. You will need to complete a work contract, I-9 and W-4 in the financial aid office prior to beginning work and will need to bring two forms of identification for authentication purposes.

There are also jobs on campus available for students who do not qualify for federal work study. All jobs are subject to the application and interview process. You may also check with LCU's Career Center for a listing of available off-campus jobs.

LCU’s Title IV federal school code is 003586.

In order to complete the FAFSA, you will need a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID. You may apply for an FSA ID at For dependent students, one parent should also apply for a parent FSA ID.