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About This Degree

This degree is excellent preparation for the student who is interested in graduate school as well as medical, dental or pharmacy professional schools. Graduates of the program are also well qualified to pursue careers in industrial and academic settings. Students in this program learn to carry out routine laboratory procedures with skill and precision; write a professional and effective research report including an introduction, methods, results and discussion; demonstrate knowledge of the processes of chemical reactions including stoichiometry, thermochemistry and kinetics as well as specific reaction types including acid-base, red-ox and organic reactions; and understand key biochemical processes in energy production, the chemistry of biomolecules, and information transfer and integrity in the cellular processes.

The Biochemistry Degree at LCU offers three empases beginning Fall 2022: Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, and Pre-Pharmacy.

One advantage of attending a smaller university like LCU is relationships that develop between faculty and students. Our faculty write letters for students applying to graduate and professional school. We also conduct mock interviews to help prepare students during the application process. Learn more about the Office of Health Professions.

Another feature of this program is the undergraduate research component. Students in the program participate in research with a faculty mentor and have the opportunity to present their research at both the university and national level. Learn more about LCU Undergraduate Research.

Why Get a Biochemistry Degree?

Over the last 10 years approximately 58% of our students have gone straight from LCU into the work force and 42% of our graduates have gone into graduate or professional school. Nationally, about 62% of students go straight into the work force after a BS. The types of jobs that our 4-year graduates tend to get will see steady consistent growth over the next 10 years. The jobs for our students who go into graduate school are growing at a much faster rate.

Additionally, 100% of our graduates conducted original research and 67% presented that research off campus at NCUR or another conference. 61% of our alumni have applied for graduate or professional school and 100% were accepted into those programs. Our graduates are currently in school or working for the following prestigious entities: Carnegie Mellon Biomedical Engineering, TTUHSC Medical School, TTU Chemical Engineering, City of Lubbock Water Treatment Laboratory, Analytical Instruments of Houston, TTU Department of Environmental Toxicology, Osteogenics Biomedical Co., Versum Materials, Washington State University Department of Chemistry, Baylor Department of Chemistry, California State University-Bakersfield, Pepperdine University, Lipscomb University, Eastex Environmental Laboratory, Texas Department of Public Safety.

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