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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry | Chemistry and Biochemistry Degrees

Research, Retell, Reveal

Research, teaching, and professional laboratory experiences—all of these are yours in the Chemistry and Biochemistry program at Lubbock Christian University.

Undergraduate research at Lubbock Christian University is a growing opportunity. How do we grow a better tasting peanut? Help us find out! Gain hands-on experience in wet chemistry. Put these skills to work in grad school, medical school, pharmacy school—the choice is yours. 

Teaching is learning. Become a laboratory assistant or do laboratory prep and put your classroom skills to work. Help your fellow man as a peer tutor through our Center for Student Success. Join our ChemDemo team and take the lab experience into area schools.

Does the prospect of working in a commercial lab excite you?   Gain great experience in a number of wet and instrumental analytical techniques and get both college credit and a paycheck. Join some of our former students who have earned positions with the Department of Public Safety, with other commercial labs, and with city and state agencies, or put those skills to work at a graduate level in environmental science, biochemistry, and chemistry.

Chemistry at LCU is not just a classroom experience, it's real world.

Highlights of coursework

  • General Chemistry I and II
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Analytical Chemistry I and II
  • Physical Chemistry I and II
  • Biochemistry I and II
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Lab Methods
  • Lab Management and Demonstrations
  • Undergraduate Research Course
  • Senior Seminar Course

Unique learning opportunities

  • Undergraduate research jobs
  • Laboratory Assistant jobs
  • Chem Demo team

Departmental Philosophy

The question the chemist seeks to answer is, “How is this observed phenomenon explained on the molecular level by the interaction of the atoms involved?” The chemist’s point of view is the scientist’s point of view—that observations can be explained if studied in the right way and that phenomena can be better understood and utilized if a correct explanation can be found. We design and carry out an experiment in a lab to figure out that molecular explanation that we cannot yet see. A biologist may try to solve the problem from a macroscopic level, looking at whole organisms, tissues and cells. But a chemist always gets down to a smaller level, looking for a molecular explanation, by looking at the actual atoms colliding. We can then make a statement of what the next step should be, such as an improvement in the explanation of the observed phenomena. This could lead to new techniques to eliminate bacteria from public food supply, a new enzyme that can breakdown biowaste into a renewable fuel source—the possibilities are endless. At LCU you will have a chance to find these explanations and run these experiments yourself. Your professors focus on teaching techniques that help you learn the chemistry and research techniques that let you ask and answer important questions.

lcu professor byron rogers teaching a chemistry class

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In 1989, Dr. Marshall graduated from Lubbock Christian University. From 1989 until 1992, she taught for the Lubbock Independent School District. After her daughter entered kindergarten she decided to attend graduate school. Five years later, Dr. Marshall graduated from TTU with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Currently, she teaches general chemistry and biochemistry. She also supervises the undergraduate research program in the Biochemical Research Lab, "the peanut lab."

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I can hardly remember not being a part of the Lubbock Christian family. I applied to Lubbock Christian University (College, at the time) as a Pre-Med major in 1977. After a short stint in the College of Education, I graduated four years later in May of 1981 with a B.S. in Chemistry, got married 12 days later to the beautiful Karen Craigmiles, and moved to College Station to attend graduate school at Texas A&M University. I earned my Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from TAMU in August of 1986 and began teaching at LCU that September. Now,nearly thirty later, I'm still here. My son (Kime) and his wife (my lovely daughter-in-law Whitney) are also graduates of LCU. He teaches chemistry at North Hills Preparatory School in Irving, Texas and his wife, now happy at home, has worked there as well. My daughter Kalyssa met her husband Brian while a student at LCU. They live in Colorado with my two grandsons. My wife (Karen, Director of Accounting) and my brother (Dr. Keith Rogers, Assoc. Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the department) all work here at Lubbock Christian as well. We are truly an LCU family.

I am blessed to work with a number of musical groups on campus, writing and arranging for Best Friends, Forte, Praise Choir, Chamber Singers, and most recently the Chamber Ensemble. I've also been privileged in the last few years to arrange for the Master Follies hosts and hostesses and the Master Follies Band. I received a Masters in Music Composition degree from Texas Tech University in May, 2014.

While I certainly hope to continue to teach chemistry at LCU, I am no longer a "chemist who does music," but rather a "musician who teaches chemistry." I am blessed to be able to start teaching Music Theory in the Fall of 2014, Lord willing, and look forward to sharing time in both of my passions.

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Jessica is married to Toby Rogers, Exercise and Sport Sciences professor and Dean of the B. Ward Lane College of Professional Studies. They have three wonderful sons, Coby, Zack and Josh. Mrs Rogers loves being mom to those boys. Her background is in education and she thoroughly enjoys teaching chemistry here at her alma mater.

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Scott has always loved math. He grew up and went to school in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he had one of the best teachers ever who taught him that physics was just math applied to reality. As a result, Scott loves physics. "I love the structure of the world and the elegance of the physics behind it." He took his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech, partly because, LCU did not offer a degree in physics at the time. While there he decided to pursue a graduate degree in computational physics-sort of a halfway ground between experimental and theoretical physics. He went on to complete his master's degree at San Diego State University. In January of 2008 he came back to Texas, committed to build the physics program at LCU.

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Lissa Gilliam is the laboratory manager for the Biochemical Research Lab on the campus of Lubbock Christian University. She joined the BRL team in 2012 with an extensive background in lab management ranging from microbiology and food safety to analytical chemistry. In addition to managing the BRL, Lissa supports LCU students in their undergraduate research opportunities and teaches student technicians the keys to working safely and efficiently in a commercial lab setting. As a Texas Tech alumna, Lissa chose to stay in the West Texas area upon graduation but has worked with clients all over the world. Lissa and Dustin have twin boys – and future chaps – Tyler and Garrett.

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Joshua Thomas is lab technician for the Biochemical Research Lab on the campus of Lubbock Christian University.  Joshua joined the BRL team while pursuing a degree in Biology at LCU.  In addition to working as a student technician, Joshua conducted undergraduate research and was selected to present his project at a national conference.  Since graduating in 2016, he has focused on expanding the genomic capabilities of the BRL. Joshua has several years of experience in genomic and biotech lab work in both academic and industry applications.  He currently lives in Lubbock with his wife Alicia.

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