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Chemistry Degree

Programs of Study: Chemistry Degree

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The chemistry degree curriculum is designed to provide a broad experience in the chemical field with laboratory experiences at all levels of instruction.

  • We are very interested in your success as a chemist. We are a small school with small class sizes, we care about all of our students, and we know everyone’s name!
  • There are 4 full time chemistry professors: 3 women and 1 guy!
  • There are many opportunities for undergraduate research projects. We have a working biochemistry lab on campus that contracts with industry. Dr. Marshall hires student workers every year, especially students seeking a chemistry degree. Those working in the lab are usually working on a research project of their own; this is generally an advantage saved for graduate students at bigger schools.
  • We have an excellent lab program that provides hands on experiences that mirror the content taught in lecture and try to lead you into research projects of your own.
  • We have lab assistant jobs in the teaching labs that give excellent experience in the behind the scenes prep work for future laboratory jobs.
  • We send students out into local schools to do chemistry demonstration shows for kids.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Educator Certification

Spend one extra year and become certified to teach chemistry to high school students. You will gain all the advantages of a chemistry degree, fully prepared as a chemist, but you will also have a secure career path as a high school teacher. Many graduates try to teach chemistry without training in education, but this degree will ensure that you are well trained in classroom management and effective teaching techniques. Teaching is a noble and rewarding career, but it is not easy. The College of Education at LCU has an excellent reputation for training teachers.

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