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Sport and Exercise Psychology

Why Get a Sport and Exercise Psychology Degree?

LCU's Sport and Exercise Psychology program explores concepts in psychology as applied to individual involvement in sport, exercise, and performance in competitive activity and settings. The emphasis in this discipline center on motivation, stress management, personality theory, performance enhancement, goal-setting, team cohesion, and group dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

Students will achieve appropriate competency related to the following knowledge and skills:

  • Discuss the origins and practice of sport and exercise psychology
  • Evaluate types of motivation and mental training that improve performance.
  • Develop goal-setting programs for teams and individuals in sport and exercise.
  • Recognize factors that contribute to individual stress, anxiety, and arousal, as well as strategies to mitigate each variable.
  • Understand constructs of conduct in sports and factors that contribute to individuals’ demonstrations of ethical and unethical behaviors in sports.

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