Lubbock Christian University
student athletes running on treadmills in the LCU rec center

Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences


Exercise and Sport Sciences are intellectual and physical disciplines that prepare students for a deeper understanding of physical activity, specifically, exercise and sport. The discipline derives its knowledge base from experiencing physical activity, studying the theoretical basis of physical activity, and experiencing professional practice centered in physical activity.

Why LCU?

LCU’s ESS department has a vast array of faculty experiences that will extend the classroom experience beyond the textbook. Our instructor’s work experiences include physical therapy, coaching, cardiac rehab, personal training, laboratory research, sports psychology, and business management. Each instructor has field experience within their area of teaching which helps to apply the classroom knowledge to a real-life experience. In addition to teaching, the instructors perform advising for each student, which allows students to benefit from the experiences of each instructor. Students are provided guidance as to which classes to take as well as assisted in preparing for graduate school, job applications, or other post-graduation endeavors.


The mission of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences is to:

  • Assist in instilling in students a faith in God
  • Contribute to the wellness education of all students
  • Promote values consistent with safe, lifelong participation in health-enhancing physical activity
  • Prepare individuals for professions in exercise and sport sciences related fields
athletic trainer helping to stretch lcu soccer player