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Master of Science in Human Performance**

The LCU Master of Science in Human Performance is an advanced degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences designed for students interested in pursuing advanced study in kinesiology, exercise science, motor performance, and strength and conditioning. This program was developed to prepare students with an advanced education in the applied field of human performance to meet industry employment demands in high-growth exercise and sport science fields. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected growth rates between 2021-2031 for: 

  • Fitness trainers and instructors at 19% 
  • Exercise Physiologist at 9% 
  • Physical Therapists at 17% 
  • Other sports-related fields at 13% 

Why Get a Master in Human Performance?

  • To advance your coaching, health, or fitness career
  • To bolster your application to professional school
  • To make the most of a gap year preparing for health professions
  • To prepare for the Strength and Conditioning certification process

Why Choose this Degree Program at LCU?

  • Highly flexible and structured for a working professional
  • Program can be completed in one year (three semesters)
  • Combination of online and hybrid classes that meet once every two weeks (lab courses and contact sessions on some weekends)
  • Available in a non-thesis or thesis track
  • Learn from professors with real-world experience and a Christian world-view

**Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

More Information

Total Hours Non-Thesis Track: 30

  • ESS5301 Research Design and Methods in Human Performance (3 credit hours)
  • ESS5302 Statistical Analysis in Human Performance (3 credit hours)
  • ESS6306 Applied Professional Experience (3 credit hours)
  • ESS6401 Advanced Kin. Anatomy and Biomechanics (4 credit hours) 
  • ESS6303 Applied Sport and Performance Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • ESS6402 Advanced Strength and Conditioning (4 credit hours)
  • ESS6304 Performance Nutrition in Sport and Exercise (3 credit hours)
  • ESS6403 Advanced Exercise Physiology (4 credit hours)
  • ESS6305 Applied Motor Control and Learning (3 credit hours)

Thesis Track Courses – 6 additional hours (36 total hours):

  • ESS6201 Thesis I (2 credit hours) 
  • ESS6202 Thesis II (2 credit hours)
  • ESS6203 Thesis III (2 credit hours)

The Master of Science in Human Performance is an advanced degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences designed for students interested in pursuing advanced study in kinesiology, exercise science, motor performance, and strength and conditioning. As an advanced degree in this area, in addition to general LCU Graduate admission requirements, the program has some specific requirements for admission. These specific requirements are outlined below:

  • General LCU Graduate Admission Standards for Unconditional Admissions 
  • The following outlines the admissions standards for unconditional admission to any LCU graduate-level program. These requirements are published in the academic catalog, available on the institution website: 
  • Applicants must submit an official transcript bearing a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 120 academic hours from a regionally accredited college or university. Courses taken for the degree must include a minimum of 39 upper-level hours. Hours awarded for life or work experience will not satisfy upper-level requirements. Vocational courses will not be counted toward the 120 academic hour requirement. Evidence of grade point averages, degrees, and test scores must be on official transcripts or official score reports. Students on probation or suspension at other institutions are not eligible for admission.

Unconditional Admission 

Applicants for graduate programs must also meet the following requirements for unconditional admission: 

  • GPA of at least 3.0 on a baccalaureate degree or cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for the last 60 hours of baccalaureate studies. 
    • Baccalaureate degrees earned from non-regionally accredited institutions must be evaluated to determine adequacy of preparation. 
    • Graduate transfer applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in twelve or more graduate hours in a discipline relevant to the graduate program for which the applicant is seeking admission. 
  • Favorable letter of reference from professional contact. 
  • Favorable letter of reference from personal or academic contact. 

The following will be included in the catalog as additional program requirements for this program. This is consistent with the practice for other graduate-level academic programs as each graduate program may have specific prerequisite learning, certification, or licensure required for applicants. 

Additional Program Admission Requirements for the MS in Human Performance: 

  • Graduate Exercise and Sport Sciences (Human Performance): 
    • Two letters of recommendation (one academic, one personal) 
    • Demonstrate successful completion of the following undergraduate courses (or accepted equivalent courses): 
      • BIO2401/2001 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab 
      • BIO2402/2002 Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab 
      • ESS3371 Physiology of Exercise 
      • Statistics (3hrs) 
    • Recommend but not required completion of the following undergraduate courses (or accepted equivalent courses): 
      • ESS2314 Human Movement 
      • ESS3329 Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology 
      • ESS3340 Motor Learning and Control 
      • ESS4301 Biomechanics 
      • ESS4350 Principles of Strength and Conditioning

Master of Science in Human Performance students will be eligible for federal financial aid. Contact the LCU Financial Aid Office at or 806.720.7176.

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Once we receive your application submission, you will be contacted by a Graduate Studies representative with further instructions on submission of your additional application materials.  

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