Class: Senior
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Involvement: Christliche Damen, Honors Program, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society in Education, Alpha Chi Honor Society, Ambassadors Alliance, Admissions (Student Worker)
Favorite Part of LCU: “The community that it brings. Nowhere else will you find the relationships with professors and peers that you find at LCU.”
Trivia: Cassidy’s favorite animal is a platypus.


Flow and her partner, Kasey Porr, prepared their project, Implementing Assessment for Learning Strategies, through analysis of survey data on teacher motivations and the implementation of assessment strategies in a classroom.

“We wanted to give education professionals, present and future, a clear view of how a Personalized Professional Development can help teachers have an end goal in mind when planning their instruction and which strategies can help students be successful,” Flow explained.

Flow presented Implementing Assessment for Learning Strategies at the LCU Scholar’s Colloquium. The Colloquium annually represents LCU's pursuit of scholarship. Dr. Stacy Patty, director of LCU’s Honors Program and professor of religion, explains why the Colloquium is valuable to LCU in this news article

“I wanted to present in the Scholars Colloquium, first and foremost, to share our findings with the academic world,” Flow said. “Secondly, I see that presenting gives us the opportunity to sharpen our research and presenting skills. Third, I have plans to go to graduate school, and I wanted to have the experience of participating in a research project before I reached my thesis and/or doctoral work. Lastly, I not only want the academic world to see our work, but we want to expand our knowledge by listening to others present their findings.”

Flow and Porr also presented Implementing Assessment for Learning Strategies at the 30th Anniversary National Conference on Undergraduate Research.