When Chase Smith was in high school, he saw a need for a Wednesday night worship service for the youth in his hometown of Meadow, Texas.

Chase found so much joy in organizing and leading this time of worship that he decided he wanted to pursue a degree in ministry at Lubbock Christian University.

However, Chase didn’t think LCU was an option financially. His single mother worked hard to support him, his two adopted siblings, and many foster children thus making the expenses of a private Christian university seem unattainable.

Fortunately, when he sat down with an LCU financial assistance representative, Chase discovered he qualified for many grants and LCU scholarships. Chase realized his dream in pursuing a degree in ministry was possible, and he applied soon after to start his LCU journey.

“At one point we didn’t know how to pay for a semester or two; it was financially scary,” Chase confessed. “After grants, scholarships, help from my mom, and the extra money I earned working summers in the oil field, I’ve been able to come here loan free.”

Since coming to LCU, Chase has immersed himself in the communities across campus. The relationships he formed with his Bible professors pulled him through the death of his absent father, and, when he reflects on the past four years, Chase believes it was those relationships that matured and molded him, helping him claim his identity in Christ.

Chase adds, “You are going to find community here. Professors will authentically and genuinely care about you; it goes further than just knowing your name. This campus wants to change its students for the good. LCU has been affordable for me. It is home. You’re supposed to go to college for an education, and holistically, this campus provides that abundantly.”