Daniel Whitefield


When most students enter into college, they set their sights on one major, and possibly a minor, but LCU senior Daniel Whitefield set the bar higher with not one, but three majors.

He is working to achieve a BS in Biology, a BS in Chemistry, and a BS in Mathematics. However, this was not Daniel’s initial plan when he began attending LCU. Daniel said that he planned to leave LCU after his sophomore year to pursue mechanical or electrical engineering, but, after his sophomore year came and went, Daniel decided to stay.

“I fell in love with LCU and I didn’t want to leave. I had friends here and I enjoyed the environment and atmosphere,” Daniel said.

That was when Daniel went to Dr. Byron Rogers and made a plan that would make his resume stand out to graduate schools. Daniel also credits Dr. Rogers as being one of the major influences at LCU.

“Dr. Rogers has been there since the beginning. He’s who I go to for advice or if I’ve heard a new joke. We share the same sense of humor,” Daniel said.

Not only does Daniel have three majors, but he has been heavily involved in campus life. He is part of the LCU choir, the social group Kyodai, LCU’s honors program, and has devoted time to assisting with Blur. Daniel also spent a semester studying in Washington, D.C. through LCU’s Washington program. While in Washington, Daniel had the opportunity to intern with the FDA, where he worked on a canine stem cell project.

Daniel's status as an Honors Scholar at LCU has been beneficial as well, as he has been accepted to Carnegie Mellon University for his doctoral studies.

Daniel said that, even though he has attended a smaller university, he doesn’t feel that he has missed out on any opportunities.

“I feel like I had better opportunities at LCU. The professors know you and care about you. The class sizes are smaller which allows them to know you better. It also lets them have more tailored discussion in class and they can teach where they know students are struggling or move faster through the material,” Daniel commented.

When asked what he plans to do once he graduates from LCU, Daniel said that he wants to use his talents to give back to others.

“Jesus told the story of the master that gave talents. If you’re given gifts or talents, then you should use it to give more back to the master,” Daniel said.