Prior to her junior year of high school, sophomore Elise Buraczyk hadn’t really considered LCU for school. Her mother, Richlyn Buracyzk (’85) had attended then-LCC, so Buraczyk visited the campus. However, the spark for her interest in attending really ignited when Best Friends performed at her home church in El Paso, Texas.

“I also wanted to go somewhere where my faith would be nurtured when I went out on my own. I wanted somewhere I felt safe with who I was becoming in Christ,” Buraczyk said.

Buraczyk is a part of the Christliche Damen women’s social club, Praise Choir, and is the service chair for the Pre-Health Professionals club. As service chair, she finds volunteer and community opportunities for the club to get involved.

“Health professionals work with people so often. Knowing how to do that is so important. We’ll be building community and the body for Christ for the rest of our lives.”

As an exercise sports science major with a specialization in physical therapy, Buraczyk recognizes that service is essential in health related occupations. Ideally, she will pursue her doctorate in physical therapy. She has a clear passion about the medical field, but can’t imagine herself working as a nurse. The value of therapy draws her interest more.

“The relationships therapists build with people – they’re not just physical; they’re spiritual, emotional, and they’re so powerful,” said Buraczyk.

LCU has also helped Buraczyk discover a love for traveling. Over Spring Break 2015, she traveled to Antigua with the Cross Campus group at Sunset. She also went to Croatia and Ukraine with the choir in May 2015. With so many trips in such a short time, she fell in love with traveling, seeing other cultures, and sharing God with the world.

Elise Buraczyk represents the “Be Blue” ideal to be inquisitive. She pursues a variety of commitments, even those beyond her comfort zone – whether in service, music, school, or travel – and pursues each to the fullest.