Separated by only 19 months, sisters Andrea and Sarah Fultz have always been each other’s best friend, involving themselves in the same activities growing up. Unlike her sister Andrea, who instantly knew she wanted to go to LCU, Sarah wasn’t sure where she wanted to go to college. Andrea said she didn’t worry, deciding not to pressure Sarah so she could look into all her options and make her own decision about which college would be best for her.

Sarah made the choice to come to LCU, following in the steps of her parents and sister, feeling confident in it being her own choice. Within her first year, Sarah became involved in many of the same activities as her older sister. The Fultz girls are both involved with Student Senate, though they serve on different committees, and Sarah joinined Christliche Damen, where her sister serves as chaplain.

However, it was at LCU that Sarah soon discovered more about becoming her own person. Having spent her whole life following in the footsteps of her older sister, Sarah began exploring other activities.

“It’s great that my family went here, but I can also be my own person and I like that,” expressed Sarah.  “I’ve been experimenting in the music area.  LCU’s helping me realize things about myself that I didn’t know; I never thought I would be part of a musical.”

The Fultz sisters still enjoy doing activities together like senate and club; they still like eating in the “caf” together and hanging out in each other’s residence hall rooms; and they still go to each other when problems arise.  The only difference now is that they are learning how to be individuals.

As Sarah puts it, “LCU stresses being part of a community but also being an individual.  There are so many opportunities to be your own person here, and I’m realizing that.”