Since Haley was four, her parents say she always had a ball in her hand, and she wanted to play. When she grew older and basketball became more an important priority in her life, Haley began looking at schools and noticed LCU’s basketball staff placed high priority on the character of the athletes they recruit, even more so than talent. Seeing how LCU not only had a dynamic basketball program, but also had excellent academic and student life, Haley decided to BE BLUE and play ball for LCU.

Haley had never suffered a sports injury until October of 2011 when she injured her knee while driving down the court during the Lady Chap’s first scrimmage. An MRI indicated Haley had torn her ACL and would be out the rest of the season.

Devastated at first, Haley now looks back and reflects on how God used the injury to grow her spiritually, mentally, and physically. While sitting on the bench the entire season, Haley found a new perspective on how her coach and team members interact on the sidelines during the game. Though it was hard not being in the game when her team made it to the Fab Four, one of Haley’s favorite memories was when the entire team played in the fountains of their hotel after losing to Oklahoma City in the national tournament, with the hotel’s permission of course.

Haley said that throughout her recovery, her parents still attended every game, her team included her in every practice, and Coach Gomez reminded her to maintain perspective and to always thank God in every circumstance. These people and their uplifting approaches were instrumental in her recovery.

After eight months of rehab and encouragement, Haley was finally released to play again the following April, and she’s now driving down the court and representing LCU again. However, LCU’s athletic program isn’t the only thing Haley loves about LCU; she also loves the faculty and staff.

“I get an email from one professor after almost every single game, even away games. They keep up with us; they make sure we’re doing okay in classes, keep up with our tests and homework, anything," Haley said.